Bcc por favor

There’s nothing I like more than having Lotus fail and freeze up my desktop when someone copies 500 people on an email

Bcc is the best answer for those who like “Reply All”

i am giddy and at peak silly happiness when there is an epic reply-all-a-palooza at work. i consider it the absolute best.


I think there should be a multi step process to allow cc’ing more than a certain number of people.

Especially when it gets to the point where you have a dozen people responding to all in order to say “stop responding to all”.

Good times.


i think you meant to put that in ALL CAPS!!!

just a pure delight when it happens.


…but even better, imo, is the knuckleheads who respond “please take me off of this distribution list!”


I kept them all in a folder labeled “I work with idiots”.

What I really wanted to do was, on my last day, reply all to one of them, but I didn’t want to jeopardize my severance, so I had to let that one go.


I see that executives frequently do this, so can I assume I don’t need to have good email etiquette skills or is this one of those correlation does not imply causation kind of things

I read the thread title as “Bbc por favor.”

totally different vibe if you use the definition from urban dictionary (NSFW)


TIL that Notes is still around, and still referred to as “Lotus” despite it having lost that branding a decade ago…

123 is dead though right? Right?

Someone else out there actually still uses Lotus Notes? I’m shocked.

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Quattro Pro or GTFO.


Lotus freezes up because 500 people were copied? Are your sharing mp3s on Napster or something?


Lotus sucks

I notice it because the audio gets choppy on my winamp.


I’m partial towards Apple Works myself.

I used to have a coworker who constantly forgot things I’d told him previously. And, apparently, he couldn’t search his emails before asking me the same question over and over again. So I’d forward him the answer and save that forwarded email. So when I sent it to him the third time he could see that I’d sent it to him twice already.

Mostly I just tried to ignore the guy. Once, when asking the analytics team to basically do a week’s worth of work in two days, he requested us to ‘bust a move.’ Just no.


I am a big fan of doing this too… partly to cover my own butt so people don’t try to say “well twig never told me that”.

Old emails have saved my butt on more than one occasion. Once a gal copied all of the higher ups excoriating me for failing to tell her something and I replied all, attaching the email where she said “thanks twig, I’ll take care of that” in response to me telling her about the thing she claimed I never told her about.

So not only did I tell her, but she acknowledged that I told her and then looked really silly for claiming I never told her in the bitchiest possible way.