Bag delay

Is it socially acceptable to hold up the traffic in the produce isle because you can’t get the bags open?

Yeah, this is simply real life. Everyone else is just waiting their turn to also not get the bags open.


How much traffic does your produce aisle have?

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Enough to put up a flashing yellow during off hours, a full traffic light during morning and evening rush hour.

On holidays, a light to meter traffic in and out


We should go for hotpot some time!! :yum: :stew:

I think things move at a slower pace on the Isle of Produce.

How do you get to the produce isle? Is there some sort of ferry service? Or is there a bridge?

I go to the handles 'cuz the plastic is offset there. :+1:

Or is this some sort of Insignificant Signal setup??? :popcorn:

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Handles? We don’t need no stinkin’ handles.

Sounds like it could be an opportunity to share some advice from NA.