Azure Synapse Analytics

Starting to use this service over the last couple of months and wanted to start a thread for it here. If anyone has any questions or comments bring them on.

I have done all of our internal corporate training (3rd party through Pragmatic Works) and we seem to have this setup pretty well as I have access to take data from all of my on-prem sources out onto the cloud. I am currently uploading all of our Rx claims table onto the cloud to test some capabilities. It will be roughly 800,000,000 rows of data. We were told Azure is set up to quickly manipulate and pivot petabytes of data (1000 terabytes). I think people in our PBM will crap their pants if we can quickly pivot our RX Claims at a claim level with 3 years of data in it.

Wow that amount of data. Skip the whole credibility calc I guess.

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It’s funny because I am loading that table onto the cloud, I have a Power BI open that is connected to the cloud table being written, and I have a pivot table showing claims by month by year and I am refreshing it to see how much of the data has loaded. It refreshes in about 6 seconds with 1/4 of the claims loaded.