Random Thoughts

I have a new policy. “No projectile vomiting in my truck”. rules exist for a reason folks.

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It appears that the rule did not exist until after the offense.

It didn’t exist until after multiple offences lol.
The trauma of taking university students in your truck at 6am.

Multiple offenses? WTF. If it was the same person they are no longer allowed in the car

Eh, i lasted through the teen years. It cleans up.

I laugh at them when i get a creative essay on the reasons for it, without using the word alcohol.


There’s probably a drug for that.

Not going to put too much effort into this:

juxtaposed against “Sue Ellen Mischke” from

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It’s not a top!!!


So, I want to know how you intend to enforce this rule

bc I know it wouldn’t work w/ my kids

the best we’ve been able to do is a bucket – puke in the bucket…or at least aim for the bucket

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Easy way to frustrate your kids, follow each text to them, immediately, with ‘text me back, ok?’ and then ‘r u there?’. Lol.

Sometimes I miss flashchat.

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And by sometimes I mean when I’ve been drinking.

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I’d drink with ya, but I gotta get up stinky early in the morning tomorrow. Go get house cleaned up!!! :crazy_face:


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Hard to lurk in flashchat tho. Social anxiety blows.

Calling it a night. Enjoy your drink!!


Sometimes I think I should have saved some stuff from the AO but also glad it’s gone.

Debating between enjoying this buzz and going to bed.

I’m going to Indianapolis tomorrow for a regional actuarial club thingie. It’s a very boring drive but it will be nice to spend the night in a hotel.