Are you still shaking hands?

Read this article.

I had a client meeting the other day. It was the first time I was in a situation where someone extended a hand to shake mine since the Coronavirus scare started.

I smiled and said “ima fist bump you instead!” To which he laughed and said “understandable!”

I saw a meme on FB with Spock’s “live long and prosper” gesture - I approve of that catching on :slight_smile:

I’d kinda like to see the custom of shaking hands go away anyway. Maybe that can be a positive that comes out of this and ultimately saves more lives than it takes. ???

A few months ago I was struggling with joint pain. I went to the car mechanic and the guy who helped check me out reached out to shake my hand and he squeezed it so hard I actually involuntarily cried out in pain.

So many reasons to do away with the handshake …

What do you think?

Not a common reason to be sure, but there’s always the line from The Graduate

"You’ll pardon me if I don’t ‘shake hands’ with you.

I’m fine with it as a social construct. I shake hands regularly at work. What’s changed is that I wash my hands frequently now, and always after meetings. I either head to the men’s room to scrub, or I get in the car and use some hand sanitizer.

Getting rid of it socially is fine, except the physical contact is an ice breaker.


I haven’t started!

Okay, to be serious, when I was interviewing for my current job years ago, I was actually suffering bad allergies, and I just waved my handkerchief at people and said it would be best if I didn’t shake hands, sorry.

I do a head nod at people or wave currently

I like the custom of shaking hands, but I think it’s doomed. I really don’t like the awkward elbow-tap thing that people are promulgating, and I hope that we move to a nod or mini-bow (like Japan) or a wave of some sort.

I think I have covid, though, so I’m not touching anyone. I’m hiding in my bedroom, and washing/wiping down with alcohol my dishes before leaving them outside the bedroom door.

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Wow, you actually have it?

The way you are self isolating is startling. The idea of my spouse being sick and me not seeing them for two weeks…

Lucy :astonished:

I’m mostly better. I never spiked a fever (well, my temp was over 99, which is high for me) and despite the volume of phlegm in my lower lungs, I never had any real trouble breathing. And my cough was productive, not dry. So I probably just had a scary cold.

Good to hear.

Scary cold is putting it mildly. Good to hear that you are fine.

Maybe we can all start carrying swords, and instead of shaking hands we can just touch sword tips. Just the tips.

I know some people in Japan who are using ping-pong paddles to tap instead of tapping hands when they engage in social dancing.

So, did you have COVID or not? All my memories have been wiped away.

I think you’re asking Lucy.

I contracted Covid 2 weeks ago. Was very fortunate to be among the lucky folks who didn’t suffer severe symptoms. Virus went up into my sinuses instead of down into my lungs. Basically the worst sinus infection of my life and I felt awful but started to improve in about 48 hours.

Anyone else get it?

any idea how you contracted COVID, Serena? I have not as of yet, but several family members have and got through it.

Yeah - pretty sure one of the kids picked it up and passed it around the house. None of us thought that’s what we had. I got tested just to rule it out and was shocked.

Probably not. I was sick for weeks with covid-like symptoms, but I’ve recovered. I eventually got an antibody test, which was negative. So if i had it in one of the unlucky ones who didn’t develop immunity. But i probably had something else.

I was.
I hope you are fully recovered.
You know how much I love you.

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Thank you, I seem to have recovered. :slight_smile:

I’m not shaking hands anymore, and I don’t know anyone who is, and I don’t see it coming back anytime soon. It surprises me that some of you guys are still shaking hands at work, just because where I am the culture has totally changed. Not that most people I know are working in offices or seeing colleagues in person anyway.

I will kind of miss shaking hands. Feels awkward to greet people by waving or something.

I was also definitely one to judge people by their handshake… which is a stupid way to determine a first impression of someone, but I did it nonetheless.