Are You Pressworthy?

Check out the calculation here:

I got a 24 (16 Local, 8 National). :person_shrugging:

13 – 9 Local, 4 National

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I’m a yawner.


Seems to me they would look at things like wealth and prestige. Like someone from a super wealthy family or a CEO of a company or a public figure might have a lot more stories.

Not that it would change my number.

I thought the same thing.

I am the president of a (fairly minor) National Organization (religious based), so I would think there would be somewhat more than the module had me at.

But it seems I am winning as the most anonymous person here

18 local and 9 national. I wonder how Kansas helps or hurts me.

It didnt ask how good looking you are so im not sure i trust the results.


I would think handicaps, mental or physical also play in

17 - 11 local, 6 national.

I got the exact same thing. I think you live and work near me though based on a few things you have said over the years.

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14, so not very press worthy

21, 14 local, 7 national. Curiously, the national organizations that might mention me are mostly the same ones that i follow.

I’m a white woman, but too old to be interesting.


If it makes you feel better, I got 11.

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12 as well

19 for me (13 local, 9 national)

10, 7/3, so no.

24 for me (16/8). then the breakdown of who would/wouldn’t cover me. i guess I can cancel that NPR membership, those ingrates!

9 - 5 = 14
How can I be less than @dr_t_non-fan?

Me, too