Are you guys still getting haircuts

I started getting haircuts again after I got vaccinated but now I’m freaked out again cuz omicron

are u guys still getting haircuts

I’m overdue by like 2 weeks

My wife has given me every haircut I have gotten in the last 16 years. That didn’t stop in the pandemic.


I got my hair cut earlier this week! :haircut_man:

never stopped.

I get it every other week

It’s been over a year. I have no plans of going back.

Got one 3 weeks ago. 95% of the way through the gal excused herself and said she felt sick and dashed to the restroom. Did not return. She was unwell. It was her 2nd day back from a covid quarantine and she was still not super healthy.

When covid started I went to clippers for my hair and grew a beard. It looks fine so I’ve no plans to darken the doors of q barbershop again.

With the original infection I went six month without a cut.

With omicron I skipped a month, got cut last week, as numbers were falling here and I needed to look good for something

My last haircut was February last year and before that it was 1-2 years. My hair would be real long if it didn’t break off so easily.

I got a haircut around April last year, and June before that. I’m definitely due, especially since I had an ombré style on a chin-length ‘do and those don’t really grow out nicely.

Won’t get one until case counts are down significantly more, or after I catch the om.

Professional hair cuts in the past three years:
May 2019
June 2021
August 2021
November 2021

Thinking I may go back soon.

My hairdresser is literally across the road, so I would like to keep his Salon in business

You’re afraid of getting a haircut?

I suppose in fairness I haven’t gone to a proper hair place in a while. At the start of the pandemic my sister got really into cutting hair and she’s pretty good so I just have her do it.

At some points, salons were shut down

But. not scared, but I am also not seen as much as I used to be, so why get it done when numbers are spiking

Since the lock-down two years ago, my wife has been cutting my hair at home. Years ago, she had her cosmetology license, so she pretty much knows what she is doing. It is no mere buzz cut.

I used to go exclusively to barber shops ; I was a regular at three of them. I get my hair cut every 3-4 weeks.

My wife is the first woman I’ve let cut my hair since I was like 18 or 19.

Didn’t step out of the house from March 2020 - May 2021. Had everything delivered.

For omicron I haven’t left the house since December of last year…

I’ve been back to haircuts for a long while now, but I only have 1 point of contact, so it doesn’t feel very risky. My stylist is a 1 woman operation, so there aren’t any other stylists or clients there during my appointment. I stay in my car when I arrive and she texts me when she’s ready for me to come in and we both wear masks. My hair isn’t the type that you can just let it go or trim the ends yourself. I mean, I guess I could, but I would look like I had gone feral pretty quickly.

How’d you get vaccinated? Oh I guess that’s what the May leave was for?

Got vaccinated in May 2021 and then started going to the grocery store

You’re missing out on the :sun_with_face:

I haven’t paid for a haircut since the one right before my wedding. (And I hadn’t paid for a cut for several years prior to that one.) So no, I’m not getting haircuts