Are mean girls nicer to their husbands?

Sometimes I’ll encounter a woman and find out that she’s mean. And then I subsequently find out she’s married. And then I think to myself, man it must suck for that husband.

Unless she’s nicer to her husband, then maybe it makes sense. Otherwise that guy probably just loves abuse. Are they nicer to their husbands? Or do their husbands just have no self-respect?



Maybe he’s “mean” to her, too.

But “mean” is such a vague and ambiguous term, so without some specific examples of what is meant by “mean”, there is really no way to really discuss the topic.


some people like to be talked down to

Let’s just say that you found out a Karen was married…

Is that enough context?

I thought Karens are usually married, if not by definition

Like apparently Marjorie Taylor Greene, although now getting divorced, has been married to her current husband for a long time.

And I’m like…wha?

KellyAnn and George Conway

A lot of mean girls are really queen bees and are sort of selective about whom they are mean to. They are manipulative as heck. Their husbands often don’t realize that…


My thoughts exactly

You know my MIL?

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Or sometimes I think even if the husbands see the wife being mean to others when she’s then (relatively) sweet to him he feels extra special.

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People who are adept at gaslighting others will seem very nice but are in fact very un-nice. Lookin’ at you person-who-may-or-may-not-have-given-up-on-stalking-me.

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How you doin’

Seems the stalker has become the stalkee…

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Or, a lot of people have really shitty marriages.
My younger sister is 100% Karen. her husband, poor guy. they have a shitty marriage I’m sure, even though her husband is nice enough. He just puts up with it for some reason beyond me.

are jerk boys nicer to their wives? thread seems sexist.

gender is a construct