Are fillers for plebs?

So I was talking to some cabinet maker dude and he was like, man I do full custom, we don’t use fillers like those crap big box companies.

And I’m like uhhh, what’s a filler?

Apparently most companies make cabinets in 3 inch increments and whatever space your kitchen deviates from that, they’ll stick some planks of wood to fill the gap. Then I went home and I saw that my cabinets are indeed bounded by fillers.

Crap, I’m a pleb! I’m gonna notice this in every kitchen and bathroom I visit from now on and judge the owner! Or should I care? If normal people don’t care about it then I won’t either. I’m just not sure if it’s something I should care about to fit in with the rest of you normies. But if it is indeed a mark of class then I will add it to my list of things to stress out about.

i don’t care about this at all. Me being normal is not mine to say, so value it accordingly.


I mean, have you tried not to be a pleb?


More wasted floor space!!!

I’m guessing 95% of people don’t know and don’t care. Above that, I guess there is a whole host of things to fret over in a kitchen.

Are the side and rear panels of the cabinet MDF or plywood? What kind of wood are you using for the fronts and doors? Is the hardware the cheap stuff from a big box store or solid brass? Pull out shelves? Are you getting a refrigerated drawer for beverages? A wine fridge for when you bring a few bottles up from your wine cellar, presumably via elevator and not the stairs?

And so on with counters, appliances, flooring, lighting. Figure out your budget and what’s important, and go from there.

Everybody does that including “custom” cabinets. The cabinet guy is full of crap.
Like, your going to pay a boatload of extra cash for a 27 5/8ths or 26 7/8ths cabinet?
Custom cabinetry means built individually for you, using standard sizes. And there’s enough sizes that you likely don’t need anything like a 3 inch filler.

We actually had a one inch gap at the end wall of our cabinets, right from the designer. Then the cabinet guy reshuffled the sizes to get rid of the gap.
After installation, we figured out the purpose of the gap. The end wall has a window, so when we open a drawer, it bumps into the window trim. Doink!

The cabinet person is blowing smoke up your bum to make you think they’re more special than they are.

The gap is where you hide the drugs

One weird thing I noticed is the right filler is wider than the left one in my kitchen.

My kitchen cabinetry has no filler. Of course, it was built in 1959. And it has some… Negative filler, i guess, where prior owners had to cut away it a drawer so it didn’t interfere with an oven that is larger than whatever was original construction.

My cabinets also extend all the way into the corners, so there are parts that are hard to reach. It’s made of a mixture of plywood and solid wood. Instead of filler, there’s just slightly more space.

My daughters kitchen as built around,that time, by what was a quality builder.
Cabinets look and feel pretty much like new, despite being that old. The only drawback is look, and of course no new features.
No way will the cabinets we installed last year last that long.

Same with their flooring. The asbestos, that stuff shines right up!

Lol, try and figure that one out. I bet it’ll be something like they wanted the stove fixed at an exact spot or something, then worked out from there. Probably had to be there.

Don’t worry about it: the cabinet guy isn’t going to ask you if you dress left or right.

Get a dentist to fix it

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I love this shit


I am totally a prole. Be advised.

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I thought this thread was going to be about why I shouldn’t get fillings

I’m gonna need pics.

Want. We have the trash can built in to the cabinets, and the tall, narrow doors with vertical dividers for baking sheets and cutting boards. But I don’t have a pull-out spice rack. Could really use one in the island right by the stove.

Ooh, built in vertical dividers for pans and cooling racks would be nice. I have to make do with a metal organizer (probably designed for binders, as it’s not as deep as I’d like) to hold my pans on their sides in my cupboard.

I have wall-mounted spice racks (in a diamond design, so i can see all the lids, but the sides are protected from light) that’s easy to reach from the stove, without bending over, that are perfect. The roll-out one is okay if your have an awkward bit of space to use up, but i think mine are more functional.

Is it the Brit in you wanting bad teeth?