Are fillers for plebs?

Definitely not silver ones!!! I still have one I need replaced.

Go for the gold, baby.

They are really handy. I honestly don’t pay that much attention to this kind of thing and I don’t think I knew they existed before we bought this house. Our kitchen isn’t perfect (no range hood/vent), but for a century home it’s a really great kitchen and I can’t complain.

As my unbiased British parents argue, it’s not that British people have bad teeth, it’s that Americans are obsessed with getting braces!!!

SO put in a gas cooktop years ago. Relationship was still fairly new. I was sad because in order to put the vents in below it, I was going to lose my pull-out pots and pans drawers.

He redesigned the sheet metal to turn to the side so I could keep one drawer. But it was hard.

When he was working on it, he had it almost done but the metal clip popped off. He’s cussing at it pretty loudly. :joy:

I just quietly went upstairs. My daughter popped her head out of her room.

DD: everything ok???
Me: Yeah, that’s the sound of a man working on a project.
DD: Don’t you think you should offer to help???


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In Thailand people get fake braces as a status symbol.

Ok, so I need this, but not for spices, my spouse definitely can’t bend down as easily as they can reach up (still not easy for them), but it would be excellent for holding the two giant frying pans we have that currently reside on a top shelf of the pantry instead of with the other pans in the cupboard.

Ok we have fillers on either side of the stove. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t have been able to install a slightly larger stove bc there would have been nothing to trim. We don’t seem to have fillers on the other side though.