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Application Sent: 2/21
Acknowledgement Letter Received: 3/1
Request for Transcript: 7/17
Request for Additional Information: 8/12
Application Approved: 9/16

Application Sent: 9/26
Acknowledgement Letter Received: 10/2
Request for Transcript: 10/2
Request for Additional Information: 11/6
Request for Additional Information: 11/12

I asked a coworker to see his EA application to see how he answered the job/duties question on the application. He basically listed everything we do, so I did the same format. They came back with 4 questions to elaborate, they wanted more detail. Then came back again a couple of days later to request for me to elaborate on 1 more question. I asked my coworker if he had follow up questions and they did not ask him 1 thing. Guess it depends on who is reviewing.

huh, my timeline is a few weeks earlier than yours. I got an acknowledgment letter and a request for me to fix a few things on my application (not additional information, to fix formats), a request for transcript, and my supervisor validated my experience, and crickets ever since. odd. getting concerned.

how long ago did your coworker apply? in recent years they want more detail. if it was more than a few years ago, that makes sense.

It was fairly recent, maybe like 2 years ago. I wouldn’t get concerned over the radio silence. I think that’s how they do it. My coworker said they didn’t ask him an follow up questions (they did do the normal stuff-ask for transcripts, have an EA validate his experience), but he said he didn’t hear nothing for 6 months and magically his Enrollment number came.

ah, then idk, maybe your coworker got different person looking at his than you did.

2 out of 3 of my coworkers who did applications in the last 3 years got asked for more information. the 3rd tried to tailor his application to answer those questions as to not have that issue.

I have heard of them losing the verification of employment, which concerns me about the radio silence, but the acknowledgment letter did estimate up to 6 months and it’s been 2 so far. I gave a lot of detail, so I guess we’ll see.

Application Sent: 10/22
Acknowledgement Letter Received: 11/6
Request for Transcript: 11/6

I can’t remember exactly but I think they also contacted my supervisor on 11/6. Haven’t heard anything since.


mine is:
application sent - 9/5
request to fix my application for formatting stuff - 9/15
request for transcript and EA-1 waiver - 9/16
acknowledgment letter - 9/23, but it’s dated 9/17

I asked my supervisor and she said she was contacted in there and returned her portion. crickets ever since. somewhat concerned. would be cool if I can get this before the end of 2020 with an otherwise terrible year, but seems doubtful at this point.

@apban486, have you heard anything since the request for more information?

radio silence over here. We’ve had 3 people become actuaries at my firm in the last 3-5 years. All 3 of them said after they submitted their transcripts and answered their questions (if they had any) they heard nothing for 6 months. Then their number arrived. I’m hoping to get it before 2020, but i’m willing to bet it’ll come in April 2020. I’ll email the person who asked me for my transcripts in January to follow up.

ah okay, I got a little concerned when you got a “request for more information” and I didn’t, thinking that they might have lost my application or something and you would be approved right after that. Sounds like, nope.

The letter did say up to 6 months, so based on the 9/17 date for it, it hasn’t even been 3.

APPROVED! :slight_smile:

I guess they over-estimated with that 6 month timeline. hopefully you two get it soon too. Feels like I’m more a legit actuary now. ASA didn’t feel all that legit in the pension world.


@ao_fan oh wow! congrats! that gives me hope that mine’s around the corner. How did they tell you? was it mail? or email?

@apban486 thanks! :grin: was a nice surprise to end the year.

Got notified via email.

I think they meet once a month, on the 2nd Tuesday of the month according to the old ao thread, thus me hearing the Wednesday after the 2nd Tuesday of the month. I’m guessing you’ll hear January 13.

@ao_fan ohhh hopefully it’ll happen next month then. I was expecting April.

based on you sending your application 3 weeks after I did, I would estimate next month. However, I think I sent mine right before people got results from the last EA exam, effectively beating what might have been a larger influx.

I sat on my application for way too long after passing my last exam last year. I blame COVID and other stuff killing that motivation to write a very involved essay. Finally got motivated right before results came out.

@apban486, also based on them asking you for more information, means they read it, so I think based on that you’ll hear by January.

ugh, haven’t gotten anything. Since they only meet every 2nd tuesday, i guess i have to wait till February. So annoying, my company gives us a raise once we get our EA number, because i’m able to sign SB forms. womp womp. i want to follow up with the person who emailed me, but i dont want to annoy her.

ah, that sucks. I was thinking you would be updating today that you got it. I think they meet every 2nd tuesday, but not sure it’s a hard rule and I thought I saw in the history in the old ao thread that they sometimes skip months.

I am waiting as well. I sent mine in much later than you both though. I figured I would mention that you can check the federal register for upcoming board meetings that I assume will coincide with the approval of new Enrolled Actuaries shortly thereafter. It is accurate based on past meeting dates that they are usually monthly with some skipped months.