Application Progress Thread

Well got my enrollment number today!! woo-hoo! I was expecting to get it in April, when it would be exactly 6 months from my application, so this was a pleasant surprise.

congrats! They probably met this week rather than last week.

Just broke down and emailed asking about my application. Feels like my timeline is longer than most, and I know it’s because of my former boss sitting on his hands forever. So frustrated.

Application Sent: 9/15
Acknowledgement Letter Received: 9/21
Request for Transcript: 10/27
Request for Additional Information: 12/3

that sounds aggravating. I’ve been at my current job for a long time at this point, so my prior actuarial job wasn’t needed in order to have to rely on any of those people. I’m not sure I’d even know how to get in touch with them at this point, so it’s good that it wasn’t needed.

I think my current boss was great and submitted it immediately.

Honestly, this forum has been helpful. Really flailing without AO & its massive trove of historical experience/wisdom. I’ve got one exam left on my way to FSA (yay for the extension!) and I feel so bad for all the students coming up without AO as a resource for FAP and prelim exams/general actuary stuff.

yeah, I liked looking back at the history of that thread on the ao, and all the rest of the history. sucks that DW Simpson destroyed it.

the ao was key to me passing FAP in 2017-2018, but with FAP having changed in 2019 entirely, I’m not sure the history is as valuable for people now, other than the short amount after the change.

Just got a reply; they met yesterday and no decision was made. Next meeting is the last one before my 6 months is up. Still optimistic, somehow.

bummer, but you’ll probably get it next month.

Just curious isn’t the Joint Board supposed to send an actual Certificate when we get the license? All the actuaries at my job had it framed and in their office. I’m assuming it’s because of Covid delaying everything.

I did not get it either unless it is sitting in my office inbox or something, but I assume it is delayed until the joint board is back in an office. I never bothered framing my asa and maaa certificates. Maybe I’ll get on that if we are ever back in the office. Most, but not all of my coworkers also frame it.

@apban486 I just got a letter via snail mail telling me that the enrollment certificate will be delayed until further notice. It also included the letter I had gotten via email with my EA#. it’s fine. I don’t really need the ea certificate to hang on my office wall that I’m not currently using anyway.