AOC Met Gala Dress

Does she understand how off-putting it is to wear this dress to an event that is elite as elite gets? This kind of stuff is eye roll at best, but at worst gives a lot of fuel to the Republican criticism of Democrats being out of touch. AOC you are out of touch.

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Makes me wonder how many loopholes she exploits when doing her taxes.

But, like Trump, she’ll express herself in a way that appeals to her base.


Yep. The problem isn’t the “Tax the Rich” graphic. If she were wearing a tee shirt on the street with that it wouldn’t be news. The problem is that she is at the Met Gala.

I suppose she figures she is taking her message right into the lion’s den. To me she is having fun partying with the ultra rich.


Wouldn’t be particularly effective then.

Maybe a bit hypocritical for her to even attend the event, but given that she was going, I have no problem with the dress. I kinda like it even.

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If there’s anything the Met Gala is known for, it’s tame, non-attention-grabbing garb.

This was a calculated move that I don’t mind at all, it’s a good message and good messaging.

Some of the right disingenuously reported on this as reading “Eat the Rich” which I find hilarious as it’s profiting on a victim complex thing.


AOC did something.

Fox News loses its mind.

The day of the week ends with a “y”.


Is it effective at gaining support, or losing support?

“given that she was going” is my problem.

I’ll admit to a pre-existing dislike for the Met Gala. It looks like a bunch of ultra rich people and celebrities (often the same) getting together for a night of mutual admiration and celebrating how much fun it can be to burn money. They give it a “useful” fig leaf because

The night is a fundraiser for the museum’s Costume Institute, which is putting on an exhibition on American fashion.

My public policy thought is that none of the $30,000 ticket price should be tax deductible. (under current law almost all of it is). Of course that wouldn’t slow the Gala down at all, but at least these rich people would be using after tax dollars for their entertainment.

If they even pay any tax.

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This one made it to CNN, NPR, local news and most of the others - not just Fox

I don’t expect it to lose support from this

That’s fair, but has nothing to do with the dress


I guess they lost their mind in a different way? It was obviously intended to get on the news. The outrage it generated with some is predictable.

I don’t get why poor* people think hypocrisy after she hangs out with rich people saying we should tax them more and they mostly all agree.

*not really poor, just well below the likely threshold of any tax law change.

Let’s pretend, for a minute, that you didn’t know anything about AOC or Trump or current events in general. In fact, let’s pretend it was 10 years ago.

If you told me “in the near future, America is going to have a socialist congresswoman, who is going to attend the Met Gala in a white dress with red paint that says ‘Tax-the-rich’” on it, I would say “oh that’s so ****ing punk.”

Would I question about the inherit hypocrisy of the statement? Sure. But I think I’d still approve, given that she actually votes to raise taxes.

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Part of it comes down to: what’s the alternative exactly?

The expectation is that high-office is a rich-man’s club. The only way to get in is to be rich. The only reason to join is to be rich. And anyone who fights back needs to dress like columbo, take the bus to work, and hate themselves.

I’d rather have someone who shows up, pays the fee, dresses up, and then throws up their middle-fingers… then nobody who does that.

  • Did she pay for her ticket? Highly unlikely.
  • Did she pay for the dress? Highly unlikely, it probably came with the offer of the ticket
  • If she goes but just wears a no message dress it is legitimate to bitch about her being out of touch.
  • The dress serves her message. Tax the rich.

I find the level of hatred directed at AOC fascinating. Fox etal is giving her the Hillary treatment. Get as many people as possible to have a gut reaction negative to her paintng her as far left. The far left voices say she’s too middling. Her policies seem pretty middling to me.

If someone would have brought up the Met gala and the need to tax charitable contributions it would have had no traction. If someone brings up taxing the rich the argument always is pushed to economy, jobs, inflation, etc. It’s never about $35,000 entry fees to parties. AOC impresses me with her knowledge of message and market and the machine that serves the media/social/economic elite (the rich) never fails to prove how much they fear any strong voice that might challenge their death grip on America.

Russell Brand quote:
“When I was poor and complained about inequality they said I was bitter; now that I’m rich and I complain about inequality they say I’m a hypocrite. I’m beginning to think they just don’t want to talk about inequality.”


The hard reality is: the candidate that spends the most is a heavy favorite to win.

Now I don’t blame anyone who finds that distasteful or depressing. But to change that you’ll have to rip up the old system, root and branch. AOC is making a clear statement…does anyone here think she is misrepresenting her true position?

Ersonally, I find it way more outrageous that ACB is introduced by Mitch McConnell at the Mitch McDonnell arena and proclaims she is non partisan. That’s cheeky.

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She’s definitely like Trump in that she’s a provocative and charismatic celebrity with populist appeal. I don’t think that makes her a bad person, but it is suspicious!

I am just setting here in the middle looking at how ridiculous our Congress people are. I have said from the old place I think AOC is just as ridiculous as Donald Trump. In fact I would say Trump by and large proposed policies that are more realistic and practical than anything I have seen from AOC. She is farther left than Fox News is right. The ends of the spectrum are useless for governing. I am just pointing out hypocrisy here. Who paid for her $30,000 ticket? Who paid for this multi $thousand dress? Maybe we should ask those questions of a bartender from downtown Manhattan?

I’m glad that she votes to raise taxes on rich people. But, her vote isn’t going to pass a bill. The critical votes are from the purple districts, not the bluest. Does this help or hurt the candidates in those districts?


Ditto. Congressional rep goes to Met gala. Yawn.

Hypocrisy: The practice of professing beliefs, feelings, or virtues that one does not hold or possess; falseness.

Where is the hypocrisy in her actions?