AOC Met Gala Dress

I modified it slightly. For those that have spent any part of their career in NYC, you know how mundane this is. I recognize that for those that have not, it all seems bizarre.

(I found I had to buy a tuxedo while in NYC, just to fit in at social events where it was black tie.)

Given other world events, I’m surprised there’s enough energy to pearl clutch about this.

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Just read through a bunch of her policies. I’d describe them as centre left and many of them have been enacted in western countries.

I don’t know. I was just saying I personally don’t find it hypocritical as long as her voice represents her actions, but you’re right that I’m not a meaningful target.

The statement both invigorates her base (millennials) and her enemies (the fox-news audience). I agree her attitude might be counterproductive, which I guess is a sort of philosophical form of hypocrisy.

I think it’s kind of, if it didn’t create outrage it wouldn’t matter at all. But outrage happened, so now the message is spread.

I didn’t realize the Met Gala was still such a big deal. It’s like the Veiled Prophet Ball in St. Louis, it’s a thing for a select group of elite, elite people and the rest of us are supposed to give a shit.

I thought this was the important takeaway from the Met Gala though:

Also a total meh, just the 24-hour news cycle needing to say words. Is the Met Gala in NYC or California anyway? I think it’s NYC. Maybe it’s an art place?

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I find her policies extreme also.

That said, I can think of a lot of actuaries who would gladly contribute money for her to make that statement (Bernie2016!). Making statements costs money, and a $30k dress is cheaper than a $10M facebook spot that says the same thing.

Generally though, when you say she shouldn’t have the money to make a statement, you are basically saying the poor should not be able to afford a voice.

It’s the NY Metropolitan Opera…SF has a Black and White event to support the symphony @ Davies Hall. Most metro areas with a symphony and/or an opera house have something along that line.

To my way of thinking, these are good causes. Yes, it’s high culture. But it keeps open the possibility that you or your children could see a fabulous performance. That’s worth something. Certainly well ahead of buying an evangelical preacher his 4th Rolls Royce ( charitable deduction as well)

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How rich do you think she is??

Well . . . she’s been in Congress for a few years, now . . .

And lives in DC. AND NYC. AND travels between them.

I agree. I’d get rid of both deductions, but I think I’d do religion first if I had to choose.

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I’m inclined to continue with deductions for the Arts. Not funding it at all leaves normal folks SOL for things like symphonies, museums, and stage performances. Leaving all the funding through taxation via the government is problematic. Too much cronyism and narrow taste. Beauracies are not good places to expect any risk taking or inventiveness-both sorely needed in the Arts.

Nah, let the wealthy have galas. One night of garish spending per year is something I can live with.

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i find him really interesting. Hillariously dry with the “I’m beginning to think…”

This is her 3rd year there.

I want to say “I don’t think they’re extreme” but yes, she’s way out there on the political left. She reminds me a bit of Newt Gingrich in that she’ll say something that’s actually kind of reasonable and you want to start thinking “ok, she’s not terrible, maybe she’s getting her shit together” and then she undoes it with something truly batshit nuts soon after.

I think by and large her goals are OK. Her plans to achieve them are totally detached from reality and will create more problems that she’s never thought about.


Ok this is from Twitter so hearsay afaik, but they said that invited designers get a ticket free for the person who wears their design.

And they said who designed the dress too but I didn’t really care and was just scrolling.

No, not really just acting like people that are successful and rich are what is wrong with the world and then hobnobbing with them at the Met Gala which basically exists as a night to exhibit your obscene wealth is a little absurd to me. That’s fine. I’m definitely not her target audience. And I would never vote for her unless Trump was my only other choice and even then I might just not vote.

Can you suggest a better way to raise the 15 million that the event generates? Would you prefer increased government funding?