Ao fan's office furniture thread

This is a thread for me and others to talk about buying office furniture for working from home. Thus far I’ve been dragging my feet on doing this. I was posting about it in a tangentially related thread on the ao, but the ao is now dead, thus I’m making a new one.

At the moment, I’m likely buying a standing desk from uplift desk, but I haven’t looked at any other options in the store to know for sure. Thinking I’m gonna get a 60"x30" desk and with said desk, I’ll get a single monitor arm to hold a 27" monitor. I considered a dual monitor arm with 2 27" monitors, but now I’m thinking that might be unnessary. Dual monitors are great, but a 27" monitor is pretty large to begin with. Also, if I’m gonna do dual monitors, I need at least one of them to be a decent size cause with using my computer to get to the office network, I have yet to figure out how to use 2 screens other than constantly emailing myself stuff for the 2nd screen.

I also need a chair. I just got home from the Herman Miller store. I walked there which is horrendous for my joint issues I’ve been having lately, so I’ll probably be in worse pain tomorrow.

Anyway, I got there like 5 minutes before closing. I hadn’t planned well. They didn’t really start hinting for me to leave until about a half hour after closing. I was totally confused though and need more time. The dude gave me his card, suggested I go at least an hour before closing, and also suggested I email them first to help me out.

My conclusion is the Aeron chair seems pretty solid. It’s also rated as the best office chair in America so I’m leaning towards it. Full price for the cheapest color, fully loaded with all the options is $1,495. It is no cheaper in the store than it is online, BUT the guy in the store said they are gonna have a sale starting November 9 for 15% off, so I’ll likely wait until then to buy said chair unless I find something better before then. I need to go back though to try out the chairs without being so rushed though. There are several different styles of chairs other than the aeron chair and all the options are confusing.

I really liked that there was already a tag for ao-fan! i didn’t even need to add it. :heart:

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I could not live without 2 monitors. I often consider a third but I’m not willing to give up the desk space.

I like the flexible height desks though. I’ll be curious what you think of it.

how many inches are your monitors? i’m not entirely sold on just one monitor yet.

oh, to expand on that, my current computer is a laptop, so technically i’d have 2 monitors. one with the laptop and a 2nd that’s mounted on the monitor arm. so if i got a dual monitor arm, I’d possibly have 3 screens, unless i docked my laptop and got a keyboard or got a desktop.

I’ve decided to go back to the office in December, but when I was looking into this the Aeron chair seemed the winner to me as well.

Dual 27" monitors on my home office, office-office and the same in my docking station for the laptop.
IKEA desk. I like it because there’s no drawers it’s just a flat workspace and I like my workspace clean.
Mechanical keyboards for all three with cherry keys iirc, and gamers mice.

Chair is some 200 thing I bought at Staples. It’s nice, I like the mesh back.

This week I’m taking some leftover hardwood flooring and building a chairman for my SO’s and son’s desks. They’re on carpet and aren’t loving the plastic chair mats.

I actually have two desks in my home office. The second desk is an IKEA jerker desk. I use it for studying. It has an overhead shelf that I’ve attached an led light strip to, which is great for studying. Rounding out my office, I have specific pens and pencils that I use. I figure if I’m buying them and using all this stuff I can get the ones that I like.

Oh, and I only use mars erasers. And I always make a point when I buy them to ask if I can return them if I don’t make any mistakes.

Do you have a dual monitor arm for the two 27" monitors or two single monitor arms?

I’ve got a clamp on monitor arm so I can position the monitors as I choose. Most monitor stands don’t let you adjust height.

Not sure I prefer the arm though.

I’m loving the standing desk (uplift) so far. I think it’s been two weeks now. I am standing between 45 minutes and 3 hours a day now instead of always being seated. I generally stand for about 45 minutes at a time, because that’s the amount I can stand at once without my feet hurting, so 1-4 times a day I am putting it up to a standing height and working that way. I can feel my back loosening up when I get up. I switch between the rocker board and the ergomat I bought, not always using the same one, keeping it switched up.

I really like the dual monitor arm, there’s so much extra space from not using the stands. I also turned one monitor vertical to work on documents the other day, and that was not something I could do with the stands.

2 27s really is very big, I was happy with my prior setup at home that was a 24 and a 25, but these are work monitors and I wasn’t going to say no, since having the same size makes moving between them nicer.

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I meant do you have one arm for both monitors or do you have 2 arms? sounds like you have one with 2 clamps?

interesting that you don’t know if you prefer the arm over the stand. what about the arm don’t you like?

The question wasn’t directed at me, but… For me, it’s a little weird having them pushed so far forward, since they were closer to the wall when I had them on stands, but my makeshift desk wasn’t as deep, so I think I’m still about the same distance away now.

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2 24” monitors

yeah, i was planning on one 27" monitor plus my laptop. i’m not sure i need two. i think that 24" monitors are substantially smaller. in that case i’d get two.

while i was at herman miller i sat on the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman (not a work chair obviously). super comfortable. it’s tempting, but not sure i want to spend that much on a chair. once i started looking at it online, i keep getting ads for knockoffs for less money. might get a knockoff.

for the work chair though, i want the real deal.

Huh, my arm lets me shove my monitor all the way back against the wall. I sometimes do that when I’m using the desk as a workspace for non-computer stuff.

That’s one of the benefits of the arm. With a stand, the monitor was always there.

My home office monitors. One clamp, two arms that rotate and move up and down.

And my study desk with the same monitor arms. Temporary setup because I moved my office computer to that desk. Normally just has one 24inch monitor in case I need to look something up when I’m studying.

IKEA jerker desks are great.

You have a work desk AND a study desk?

Actuary money is noyce.

This is the screen set-up I’ve got at home.

I liked having two 27" monitors at work, but it takes up a lot of space in a house that’s not really set up for this sort of thing.