Anyone on Trump Social yet?

Editor’s note: Jack Turban himself isn’t trans. He is a child psychiatrist at USCF, one of the premier medical schools in the country. The idea of censoring that post of his is bonkers.

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I didn’t know that, very useful context!

It’s a semi-paywalled article and I don’t have a subscription, but the gist seems to be visible to all:

BTW, if anyone else like me (a geezer whose adventurous days were before the current set of labels were commonplace / in a repressive region that took longer for those labels to appear / before the internet was widespread enough for such things to easily propogate) wondered…while waiting to see if Excel is going to crash, I searched for the origins of the term “cisgender”.

Coined in 1994, started entering dictionaries in 2015. “Cis” = Latin for “on this side of” and is an antonym of “trans” in areas other than sex/gender labeling. TIL. Cisgender - Wikipedia


Cis is also a very common word in chemistry. See e.g., Cis–trans isomerism - Wikipedia

Although not the first to use the phrase, Julia Serano, who is a biologist, is often given credit for popularizing its use and has said that she was unaware of other people using it before she did. It is a very natural term to use.

People who say that cis is a slur never answer the question of what word to use instead. That is, if you are talking about a group of women, and for some reason want to distinguish between the ones who are trans and not trans, what word should be used?

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All I can think of is “non-trans people”, which feels super weird to define a group by what they are not.

Of course, bigots will certainly say it should be “trans people” and “normal people”, because they’re assholes. Can’t fix stupid.

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Serano has said that the reason she started using cisgender is it made the writing in her book super clunky to say not-trans repeatedly.

But yes, people tend to say that there are no cis women, only real women. The problem is that they view trans as a slur, so any word to mean not trans is a problem. The position also tends to be logically not consistent, as people who say trans women are men and not women must therefore think that trans men are women. Would it not be useful to then have a word to distinguish between trans men and “real” women?

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Donald Trump’s social media company Trump Media managed to go public last week only after it had been kept afloat in 2022 by emergency loans provided in part by a Russian-American businessman under scrutiny in a federal insider-trading and money-laundering investigation.

… Trump Media almost did not make it to the merger after regulators opened a securities investigation into the merger in 2021 and caused the company to burn through cash at an extraordinary rate as it waited to get the green light for its stock market debut.

The situation led Trump Media to take emergency loans, including from an entity called ES Family Trust, which opened an account with Paxum Bank, a small bank registered on the Caribbean island of Dominica that is best known for providing financial services to the porn industry.

The concern surrounding the loans to Trump Media is that ES Family Trust may have been used to complete a transaction that Paxum itself could not.

Paxum Bank does not offer loans in the US as it lacks a US banking license and is not regulated by the FDIC. Postolnikov appears to have used the trust to loan money to help save Trump Media – and the Truth Social platform – because his bank itself could not furnish the loan.

Russians in right wing social media? Color me shocked.

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And here I sit, wondering why Trump decided to change his position and oppose the Tik Tok ban bill (which, despite the nickname, looks at social media apps in general that might be influenced by adversarial foreign powers).

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Some might say this would be… I’m trying to think of the right phrase. Oh yes, influence peddling is what some might call it.

No way Trump would ever engage in that.

Now, back to the impeachment of Hunter Biden.


LOL. I saw an article that some folks were pleading guilty to insider trading on the parent stock. The article ended with something like “Trump is not implicated in the insider trading scheme” and my first thought was how the hell did he let those other two dudes make some bank on insider trading without getting some cut of the grift?


Well, it’s not over yet but DJT was down last week and we are starting off Monday down 10%. :crossed_fingers:

Shorting might not be the sure fire profit it seems to be:

TLDR: since everyone is shorting it is harder to find shares to “borrow” in order to short. The fee to borrow the stock could wipe out whatever profit you would have made.

From a similar article:

Moreover, the SEC S4 filings make clear, that if the stock price remains above $17.50 for 20 out of 30 trading days, Mr Trump will receive an additional 36 million “earnout” or bonus shares. Based on recent prevailing stock prices in the range of $45-$50, these earnout shares could be worth an additional $1.5 to $2 Billion. Consequently, his special stock earnout clause will go into effect, unless his stock drops by more than 63% from current levels in a few weeks.

His current stake is something like 79 million shares, so that is a huge increase in his stake. Assuming he gets the earnout shares, if he can sell for $8.70 in 6 months he still gets a billion dollars from this worthless venture.

It was closer to 800-900% last week, I haven’t looked at borrowing costs today. It is one of the, if not the, most shorted stock right now. Puts are similarly risky with IV in the 200-250% range, give or take.

As I stated previously, I’ve always wanted to have a short position just to say I did, but I never found a stock I really felt was worth shorting. Until now.

'Member last week, when DJT was still around $50? Well, we aren’t where I’d like yet but down to $34 today. It’s a start.

Did you buy any puts?

Or should we go all “Trading Places” on this and go to the floor?

$10 puts for June 21. The price for those is up about 40% since I bought.