Anyone on Trump Social yet?

It would be nice to have access to the truth, uncensored, but do we know yet how well Trump Social will deliver that? Also important, what kind of user tracking will they be doing? Asking for a friend.

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It would be interesting to watch the chaos, but I do not want to add to any bragging numbers of registration, with him braahing while assuming all are in support

this is the first i’m hearing about this. i see it’s not on android yet. i could join the wait list on my computer. WHY IS THERE A WAIT LIST?

checking your political affiliation before allowing you to join?

there’s also a button to “download” on my computer. WHY WOULD I NEED TO DOWNLOAD ANYTHING FOR A SOCIAL MEDIA SITE?

It costs money, so no. I only troll for free, like to keep my amateur status.


Why should we object to that? I don’t think it was Devin Nunes’s cow that was trying to get that account. Assuming it wasn’t, permitting the account could only mislead some Trumpkins now, and could interfere with the real Devin Nunes’s cow getting an account later.

looked at aunt in-law’s fb page. she’s VERY UPSET that she is unable to get on Trump’s snazzy new social media platform. she wants all her friends to migrate there.

Pretty sure Devin Nunes is the one running the site, so he probably already has an account…

Isn’t it free?

Has trump ever given anything away for free? Except maybe herpes


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I believe they are trying a slow rollout. The last time they tried a beta test they got hacked immediately.

It’s a kinder, gentler way of making you aware that you should be using Apple because the Dear Leader prefers Apple.

oh! android 4 life


Devin Nunes’ cow doesn’t get along very well with Devin, fwiw.

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What’s the beef?