Any updates from CAS on future sittings?



can someone confirm that there is no way to check if grade reports are actually available even though it says their records indicate no grade report is available?

You will know when the grade report is actually available. The CAS will first release a statement when the expected results will come out with a caveat that this is an initial timeline and it could be later.

IIRC, candidates will get an email with a link to the results page before it’s presented publicly (usually the next business day).

There are actually people out there that thoroughly enjoy waiting for exam results because they don’t want to know the truth

They sound like scary people

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the CAS just posted that they need question writers

Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t the eventual goal of CBT to build a question bank and be able to have exams more frequently? Why then is 6I moving to once a year? Is it that they can’t volunteers to grade it?

I am assuming that is it since it should costs the CAS much to administer it to a few candidates if the exam is in a testing center, as opposed to paper exams where you need to find a conference room at a company or rent a center in a hotel.

The more often the exam is offered, the bigger the question bank has to be. I’m guessing 6I isn’t that popular of an exam.

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