Any updates from CAS on future sittings?

I recall hearing from other threads that we could expect an announcement this week from the CAS regarding future sittings, including spring exam timetables, whether exams traditionally offered in the spring (7 & 9) would be offered in Fall 2021, etc.

Was that purely conjecture, or was there something more concrete behind those rumors?

They will announce the 2021 exam schedule soon. May not be till after the sitting is over on Dec 9th. All we know is 7, 8, and 9 will be offered in the spring. We should know about the fall when they release the schedule.

They definitely mentioned having Spring 2021 dates by the end of November in one of their webinars about the new exam format. I keep checking the CAS website every day hoping it’ll be up.

Rumor is they will be released once they’ve confirmed dates with Pearson. So, perhaps 7-10 days.

What’s the rumor on whether there will be 1 or 2 exam 7 and exam 9 sittings next year?

Expectation for '21 is that 7-8-9 get offered in the spring to make up for those who didn’t/couldn’t sit in the current sessions, then we go back to a normal schedule for Fall '21 and all of 2022.

Could change depending on when they’re comfortable having enough questions to roll each exam in each session. If they simply maintain most questions but change inputs and add a handful of new questions to the mix, it (all three upper-levels offered 2x) might be doable, but my sense is that the CAS wouldn’t be comfortable with that. I think their best-case scenario was a few years before consistently offering multiple times a year was an option.

Does beg the question of how 8 would be given in 3 consecutive sittings, though. Are they going to write 3 separate exams, or do 2 separate and then try to leverage those for the 3rd? My gut says 8 might be the guinea pig for determining what an appropriate # of questions for a test bank is to know when 7 and 9 can be done each sitting.

the only people that truly benefit from 8 being offered in spring 2021 are people with only 2 exams left and one of the those is exam 8.

I’m trying to decide if I should take 8 or 9 in the spring. Assuming I passed 7, those are the only two I have left. If I take 8, then I will probably have to wait a whole year to take 9. But 8 is a little bit more applicable to my job since it has a section on GLMs and I am starting a predictive modeling role. I am also thinking sandbagging my exam progression might actually help my career. Not sure if that’s true though.

Doing 8 first may be a good call since you’re going to be doing predictive modeling. I definitely don’t think sandbagging your exam progression would help your career out at all though. I just hit my 3 year experience mark this month and should be an FCAS after this sitting if everything goes alright, and my fast exam progress has done nothing but help me career-wise.

Is syllabus going to released with new exam dates?

Yes, it will. Changes are typically announced well in advance; since there haven’t been any since the 4/25 (ish) note, I would not expect any changes at this point.

It’s up!

i assume exams 7 and 9 will be offered in the fall based on this announcement saying exams 5-9 in the fall.

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I hope that’s a permanent change. Interesting that the testing window is much shorter.

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That’s a nice update from the CAS to offer all in the Fall. I think they’ve really stepped up with the COVID challenges.

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Now the next question to speculate is if we can expect exam results relatively quickly since the Spring window isn’t any later than usual

I’m still thinking early February is when we’ll get results.

Yeah that’s probably realistic… but optimistically they could be grading as exams come in! (this is why I have to apply a bias adjustment to my estimated exam score)

Am I missing something? I only see Exam 8 being offered in Fall 2021, not 7 and 9.

At the bottom of the url below it lists Exams 5-9 offered Oct 23 - Oct 29