Another vaccine mandate poll: what would you do?

No, I’m talking about what factors i, personally, would consider if deciding whether to mandate vaccination for my employees.

I considered that to be part of “the nature of the business”. But maybe i should have split that into pieces.

Overall, sure. But not on the specific piece I commented on.

Then I have no idea what you mean.

Thinking more about this, I would definitely have quit, or gone on some sort of extended leave, if they didn’t require everyone present to be vaccinated.

“it depends on how my employees would feel about the requirement”

The poll is about a requirement to be vaccinated. If the your employees have negative feelings about the requirement and they all leave, you don’t have enough vaccinated employees. That’s option 3.

Depends on my employees average age.

If I run a company full of retirees or one that works with a large number of old people then yes. If I run a company that’s not client facing and is largely younger (<50) then no.

I’d encourage through some sort of incentive ($$$) but wouldn’t mandate.

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Lots of good ideas. I may start over. But I expect there are still some improvements to the poll to be discovered, so not quite yet.

That’s a small subset of option 3. What if my employees will all feel unwilling to go to the office if they aren’t assured their coworkers are vaccinated? What if they don’t quit, but they resent me?

I’d call that a “no” answer.

Forgot about this nuance. I voted yes, but if all my employees were fully remote, I wouldn’t mandate the vaccine.


I answered “it depends” based on the first half of my statement on conditions that would want me to require it. Agree that part is a no

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Three of your options start with “It depends …” Any answer other than an absolute “Yes” or an absolute “No” is going to be a small subset of one of your options.

Not planning on voting in the poll . . . but here are a few things I’d take into consideration:

  • Can (all of) my employees effectively social distance for the majority of their activities?
  • Would masking be a viable option/alternative?
  • How many of my employees are in the “high risk of hospitalization” category from COVID?
  • Can my employees do their work remotely? What are my additional costs (as a business) to enable remote work (assuming that I’ve already borne much of the costs from 2020 shutdown)?
  • Can I implement a process by which coworkers cannot “infer” with accuracy a coworker’s vaccination status?
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What’s our limit on poll options? You may exhaust it just trying to get all the nuances in and avoid any gray area.

Screw that. You’ve got better things to do. Put a few options up, explain what each means like twig did, anyone who’s not happy can start their own poll and face the same crticisms.

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I don’t know.

That’s my plan. But I hope to hit all the main points.

And it seems like the clock starts the moment you click on the setting to set up the poll. Such that, unless you are Speedy Gonzales at creating polls, most likely by the time you are done typing and hit submit… it is probably already too late to make changes.

I discovered this the hard way. Oh well.

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That’s an interesting one. As mentioned above, I am working (very part time) in a situation where I would have quit if I didn’t know that all the people I am interacting with are vaccinated. Well, I guess I don’t know that for certain, because this employer does allow certain exemptions. But they are extremely rare.

New Poll, new thread.