Another vaccine mandate poll: what would you do?

If you owned a business, would you require the employees be vaccinated?

Let’s assume this isn’t a healthcare facility or a nursing home. And you have at least a few employees who aren’t just you. And assume that even if you answer “yes” you will make reasonable accommodations for employees whose doctors advise against vaccination.

If you picked “it depends on the nature of the business” or “it depends on something else”, please elaborate.

  • Yes
  • It depends on the nature of the business
  • It depends on whether I can find enough vaccinated employees
  • It depends on something else
  • No
  • 42 other possibilities

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No. A person’s medical decisions are his or her own private concern. I don’t share that information with my employees, nor would I expect them to share that with me.

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Every year I turn down a chunk of money given to employees who submit to an employer-sponsored physical, because i feel like that information is none of my employer’s business. Even though they claim they don’t get the information.

(I do get a physical from an independent ductile paid for by employer-paid healthcare.)

So I’m sympathetic. But this seems like a small and relevant piece of health information. When i wanted a different desk chair because the new chairs made my leg numb, i shared that medical information with my employer, because it was job-relevant. Despite having a single pot of paid time off for vacation and sick leave, i tell my employer when I’m sick. And when an employer asked me if i was vaccinated for covid i have them enough information to confirm my vaccination status with the state’s vaccine registry.

No one is stopping you from voluntarily surrendering your privacy.

But i realize i left out an option that I’m sure i would consider if i were in this situation: it depends on how my employees would feel about the requirement. Maybe i can edit the poll…

Nope, only in the first 5 minutes.

True. Although my part-time employer would have fired me if i hadn’t responded.

I was perfectly happy to respond, and in fact, this job requires a lot of physical interactions and i might have quit if they didn’t require vaccination.

I have no idea what you’re saying before the colon, but the stuff after the colon is covered in option 3.

In the thread containing the true poll, others have established that this would be your choice.

Not really.

If my employees would feel more comfortable working for me knowing all their co-workers were vaccinated, that would be an important consideration. If my employees wouldn’t actually quit, but resented my asking, that would would be a consideration, too.

Depends if the employees are working remotely or in the same physical space.

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Now you’re talking about the ask. Previously you were talking about the requirement.

No, I’m talking about what factors i, personally, would consider if deciding whether to mandate vaccination for my employees.

I considered that to be part of “the nature of the business”. But maybe i should have split that into pieces.

Overall, sure. But not on the specific piece I commented on.

Then I have no idea what you mean.

Thinking more about this, I would definitely have quit, or gone on some sort of extended leave, if they didn’t require everyone present to be vaccinated.

“it depends on how my employees would feel about the requirement”

The poll is about a requirement to be vaccinated. If the your employees have negative feelings about the requirement and they all leave, you don’t have enough vaccinated employees. That’s option 3.

Depends on my employees average age.

If I run a company full of retirees or one that works with a large number of old people then yes. If I run a company that’s not client facing and is largely younger (<50) then no.

I’d encourage through some sort of incentive ($$$) but wouldn’t mandate.

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Lots of good ideas. I may start over. But I expect there are still some improvements to the poll to be discovered, so not quite yet.

That’s a small subset of option 3. What if my employees will all feel unwilling to go to the office if they aren’t assured their coworkers are vaccinated? What if they don’t quit, but they resent me?