Employer Vaccine Mandate: What would you do?

An updated, improved poll about whether you would impose an employee vaccine mandate if you owned a company.

Let’s assume this isn’t a healthcare facility or a nursing home. And you have at least a few employees who aren’t just you. And assume that even if you answer “yes” you will make reasonable accommodations for employees with medical or religious reasons to avoid vaccination.

  • Yes for all employees
  • Yes for employees who work in-person with other employees
  • Yes for employees who work in-person with customers/members of the public
  • It depends on whether a large fraction of my employees are especially vulnerable (old/immune compromised)
  • It depends on whether a large fraction of my customers are especially vulnerable
  • It depends on how my employees feel about the requirement
  • It depends on whether I may lose too many employees (and/or have trouble hiring replacements)
  • It depends on something else
  • No
  • 42 other considerations

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As mentioned in the previous poll, “it depends on how my employees feel about it” encompasses both cases where your employees might appreciate that their co-workers are vaccinated and cases where they might resent the mandate, even if they don’t outright quit. It means you take their collective opinions into account in making the decision.

It depends on losing employees is not about their feelings, but their actions. This is also meant to possibly go either way – either if employees will quit over getting vaccinated, or if employees won’t go back to work with unvaccinated co-workers.

If you pick “something else”, please elaborate below.

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What would I do?

I think I’d worry over getting each poll option exactly right and create yet another poll.


One nice feature of polls in this software is it divides by the number of voters, not by the number of votes, so you can see what fraction of people picked each option. That was funky in vBulletin.

Although I wish it wouldn’t re-sort the choices by how commonly they were selected.

I basically spit out my coffee when I read this since I hadn’t uploaded anything myself yet.

This is a reminder that [private company] is requiring all US employees to upload proof of vaccination through Workday or seek a medical or religious exemption to the requirement by Nov. 1. Failure to do so will be considered your resignation from [private company] and your employment will end with the company on Nov. 30.

Note: I guess we are also a federal contractor, so our all-powerful overlord is not just being mean.

Huh, that’s short notice.

My employer is still “researching” how any federal mandate might apply to it. I guess we aren’t a federal contractor, and the OSHA regulations haven’t actually been published, though. So that makes sense.

Losing employees wouldn’t be my concern. 100% of the people I know are vaccinated. Not sure I can even find people who aren’t vaccinated.

Oh my. I know some people who have lost their cards.

Pretty sure my employer is a federal contractor and still is unsure how it will work so they arent requiring people to be vaccinated to keep their jobs yet. They are requiring vaccination to go to the office, but with wfh nobody goes there anyway, but the mail room staff.

As to the question in the OP, I dont see how you can run a business without taking into consideration the opinions of most of your employees regarding any mandates.

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huh? If it’s a mandate, I know plenty of business owners who operate from a top down approach. There’s no room for negotiation.

If you have an overabundance of employees or potential employees, sure, but this is not the case in many professions including actuaries beyond entry level

Yeah probably. I’m thinking more like restaurant or bar owners. Really depends.

I would but I live in a high vaccination state so the stragglers are free to leave and free to form their own polio-friendly company.

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Your state, whoever vaccinated you, and your doctor should all have records. And their records are more authoritative than that easy-to-fake card. You can obtain proof of vaccination if you lost the card.

I’m pretty sure the employer who asked me for proof of vaccination checked against the state registry.

And yet, i seem to be the only person who checked that box. But if want to know, and not just because of be afraid all my staff would quit. I want engaged employees, not bitter, resentful, anxious, or frightened employees.

I realize you can’t please everyone. But I’d like to accommodate as many employees as practical.

I voted for this option -

it seems pretty similar to this option -

I agree with both.

You don’t even want someone at your birthday party unless they have the vaccine. How are you going to work with unvaccinated people every day if that’s what your employees want?

is that what lucy said?

i don’t have enough friends to have a vaccine mandate for my birthday party.

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I’ve never even had a birthday party in my life. Seemed dumb when I was young, seems dumb right now.

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Yeah, super short. I wonder if there’s some surprise/confusion because of how long it takes the vaccines to work.

If i own the company, i can decide who I’m in contact with.

But yes, when I’ve had people in my home and yard, I’ve only invited vaccinated people, and kids who stayed away from the other people. There’s only one person who might have backed out from something because they weren’t vaccinated, and they might have just backed out for other reasons.

My immune-compromised friends have been grateful for my caution around that, by the way.

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