Another Asian female attacked by

Rand paul again?

can we get the after story please? i’d like to know that the attacking bitches were arrested and THEN i want to see a cool interview with the attacking bitches so i can get lots of sympathy for them and see they are good people who are nice to puppies and totally misunderstood.

otherwise, what is your point here? that there are crazy people on the subway who assault other passengers, and nobody knew this before now? great.

Here’s some more about the incident, which apparently happened almost a month ago.

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oooooh, it’s Pennsylvania, not new york. i thought it was new york. glad to see this hate crime isn’t my city. not sure why these people weren’t arrested. do they get a pass for being underage? sickening. glad to see the parent of one of them was the person to turn her in.

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we need to stop giving violent people a pass for being underage.

also, maybe remote learning with covid wasn’t so bad afterall. nobody got beat up or harassed in school or going to school. kids that age are awful human beings who need to be kept away from society. yeah, this is obviously racially motivated, but kids that age just suck and there are plenty of incidents like this that have nothing to do with race.

why can’t people be excellent to each other and party on dudes

I don’t understand


because life sucks and people get sucky as a result.

first we need a triumphant video

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Because Rufus wasn’t their mentor, sadly…

If the roles were reversed, this video would be all over the news and the attacker would be in jail.

becuz certain people can’t be racist and Asians are socially acceptable hate crime victims.

real life example please.

i’m seeing a lot of hate crimes towards asians. i’m not sure i’ve seen hate crimes committed by asians on the internet.

i’m confused why these people weren’t arrested though. highly doubt it’s because of their race and it’s certainly not socially acceptable to assault asians.

:grimacing: just when i said at least this incident wasn’t in new york.

Woman Dies After Being Pushed Onto Subway Tracks in Times Square - The New York Times (

not sure this is a hate crime though. the perpetrator looks completely insane and while being arrested yelled at the reporters that he is god. i’ve already been avoiding the subway due to covid. this gives me more reason.

edit - in looking more into it, this is the exact quote. yeah, most definitely a hate crime, but the guy is completely insane on top of that - "I am god…you stole my fuckin planet!”

edit2 - back to not a hate crime. the dude has attacked other people apparently, not of asian descent. he’s just insane.

I have a feeling a lot Asian women are targeted in these cases because the perp thinks they are weak and won’t fight back


i guess i’m too cautious as i don’t stand so close to the edge. Or maybe i just have a rotten view of humanity

:iatp: this just validates my paranoia

i’m avoiding the subway entirely, although, there are crazies on the streets too, so not sure that matters so much.