Annoyed Thoughts

Did you get chikkinz or just regular dog food?

@Echo : I am here for you if you need to talk. :people_hugging:

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Costco is usually laid out in a generic U shaped path. You go in one end and check out at the other end. When busy, the flow of customers long that path is pretty much constant.

On a recent weekend Costco trip, some dip shit parked his cart diagonally at the corner of the U to get a nearby sample or something, basically forcing one way traffic around this in all directions. Infuriating.

Where did his cart end up after the crowd uprising?

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After googling whether bamboo shoots can jump the street, I’m now getting served ads to purchase bamboo.


We need cart horns.


or less “politeness”. just push offending carts out of the way and be done with it.


I accidentally over typed a number in excel with “ ‘ “.

I tried scratching that sticky crumb off my screen for at least 15 seconds.

Next time when there’s a sticky crumb, you’ll try using the Delete key for at least 15 seconds.


We need a “cart rage” meme… :slight_smile:

My flight’s been delayed by 1.5 hours.

Flying is for suckers.


Go buy some overpriced concessions. You’ve earned it.

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I sprung for United Lounge!!! Yeah, all hi klass and :poop:!!!


My wife’s bank account was hacked. The hackers got her phone number as well, and called her pretending to be the bank. She was talking to them when I wandered into the room and I thought some of their questions and answers were a bit fishy, so I opened the bank app and texted the fraud people.

I gave them the info the fraudster gave my wife - his name, employee ID, and a case number, and told them he sounded phony. And they said yes, he works for the bank and my wife should keep working with him. But then he was asking my wife to download some app I’ve never heard of, some kind of Venmo type of app but for crypto, and I was like… no.

So then I opened the banking app again and called the fraud line. And I was like, I know you told me this guy was legit but a crypto app??? And this time they said no way this guy was legit, and she had no idea why the first person told me he was with the bank. And then I spent 90 minutes with her resolving everything.


That sounds really odd. I would have expected the fraud department (in your first call) to be a bit more detail oriented about these things.


Right??? I was so pissed about that, you’d think the fraud dept would be on pretty high alert for… fraud. I only got a first name in the chat but I told the second person to note it and see if they could track that person down.


Why didn’t you contact the manufacturer?

Delete your cookies.

Sounds like a freeware computer game of the 90’s

Like most fitness equipment manufacturers, it went bust.
I found some parts online, but it’d have cost me like $300-$500. Or I could’ve fabricated the parts, but, I don’t have time for that nonsense.
Or…I could take it for scrap, get paid $54 in cold hard loonies and buy the actual machine i wanted from FB for $100. Which tl;dr is exactly what I did!