Annoyed Thoughts

That’s what i did while swearing a bit, since i didn’t have the horn to otherwise publicly shame the person.

He came back just after i cleared the aisle and apologized. Hopefully a lesson learned for next time.

After the bank fraud, setting everything up is such a hassle. For some reason Plaid isn’t working on RobinHood, so after two days of trying I’m doing the thing where they make a couple small deposits for me to verify. Ordered new checks (local contractors prefer checks and that’s fine).

Trying to figure out if I’m forgetting anything. I guess if I do I’ll get an email saying payment has failed, lol.

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Or worse, “We didn’t receive your payment on time. Here’s a $25 late fee.”

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I always find it interesting how they are still used in the US for some things. In Europe, they are seldomly used (last time I used a check in the UK was over 20 years ago).

We haven’t written a cheque in years. My spouse came to me last week and suggested we order more. Why? We only have one left for the business.
Well, according to my calculations, next time we need a cheque, we still have one. So it’s only a problem if we need TWO cheques in the future. And I don’t see that happening before I retire, so, let’s not.

In Colorado I probably wrote like two checks per year. But Kansas is a little different, plus we’ve done so much work on the old house here. I ask the mom and pop shops if they prefer a check and most say yes.

School charges fees to pay for stuff with credit/debit cards, so I write checks to school periodically. Another vendor I went to didn’t take cards so I’d sometimes write her a check, but she retired last month and her replacement takes Zelle, so I should be good there now.

I pay some taxes with checks.

pay rent with a check, could use zelle
and guest passes at our beach club.

also, much of the vendors for weddings still want checks

We’ve had a couple over twice in the past ~4ish weeks to hang out. The first time, we offered pizza for everybody to split, but because they were traveling our way, we asked if we could pay ahead of time and they pick it up. Easy, done.

This time, somebody mentioned sushi and it snowballed into the idea that we’d be doing the same. I wasn’t really feeling sushi so got a single $8 roll, my partner got $24 worth and we have some other house members that got a small bit, the other couple rang up probably a $70 tab. It came to $132.50. I didn’t exactly want to pay for all of that so I didn’t inquire with the restaurant about paying over the phone, and instead texted the friends “Do you mind paying at the place and just letting me know what to Venmo you?”

Well, they handed us the receipt. Nothing else said.

They seem like really good people, so it was jarring that they didn’t offer at least their portion. I get the feeling that they are in legitimate financial distress, and they’ve shown mild generosity to us in the past. They’ve talked in the past about one vehicle being broken down and needing to get a ride to work for a week, things like that. I think they didn’t expect their adult daughter to move back in and be a financial drain.

Anyway, that’s the last time we pay for their takeout unless they pay ours first. If they ask next time what we’re doing for dinner, we’ll respond “We’re a bit tight on cash this month so we can’t afford much takeout. We could do something like spaghetti and meatballs, or if you felt like picking up fast food I’d pay you back for our part!

i would have venmo’d half the bill

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Was the adjustment to 1/2 (or appropriate fraction) implied?

No. I do have the feeling they are not well-off. I probably should have just sent our half, but the way that I texted “just let us know what we owe” - well.

It was my partner who ultimately suggested we should actually order sushi, which is a large part of why I paid. It was being talked about but it was suggested by “us”.

The generosity hose is turned off, we’ll see if they reciprocate.

Its also possible that they see you as “well off”, so they figured you could afford it.

Its a shitty feeling because you do end up feeling a bit used.

I would park this one away and see what they do in the future.

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Yep, I’m not throwing away the relationship. I’m happy to make spaghetti and meatballs next time they drive over. Or hot dogs. A chicken stir-fry. It is a 20-minute drive and the value to me of hosting over traveling is worth that money.

“We are trying to cut back on our carryout expenses, are you OK if we cook _____ when you come over?”

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not sure why even include the 1st half of that

hopefully guests will say, what can we bring?

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That’s fair. If there is no expectation to try and manage, just let it go.

Yikes. I am a $70+ sushi orderer, and I’ll happily pay that for myself, and I’ll order that way when I’m traveling for business, but I won’t order that way when someone else is paying. I don’t think most people with any sense of common courtesy would, especially if they’re not well off or there isn’t a pattern of alternating which couple gets the tab.

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It’s such a treat to be able to buy things for my friends especially the food that nourishes their body

I guess I’m just more liberal in this aspect

For us that’s not an excuse to be cheap. We prefer to cook for guests. Years ago we’d do takeout with guests, but haven’t done that in a decade or two. Yes, it’s way less expensive - the cost is really incidental when we do our own cooking, but we also get outstanding food and a more relaxed atmosphere.

Fish and chips, got one of those meals coming up in a week or two. Or my wife will make her famous prime rib roast. Or we had some indian friends over and I made an attempt at some indian food lol.

We have a business friends/associates supper at our place every christmas. We used to get catering, but haven’t even done that in years. Spouse and I prep everything, and while the catering was excellent, our stuff is just a wee bit better…and as noted, like 1/10th of the cost.