Annoyed Thoughts: archive 1

My son went to get some cavities filled, the dentist charged us $280, and claimed insurance was only covering $120 (so $400 total). Only I know cavities are covered at 100% and we have no deductible. We should have only owed $80 for the nitrous, which is not covered at all.

I can’t do much until the EOB posts, and then the dentist will probably just give us a “credit” rather than issuing us a $200 check.


Yeah well that’s Goa. We used to be rebels fighting the man. Now everyone’s executives looking at retirement and complaining about ailments.

I predict it will get worse not better.


Fine, non-medical annoyed thought:

The corner of my laminate counter began peeling off. Had to break out a hair dryer and re-melt the adhesive. If it happens again I’ll have to break out the super glue!

I’m not an expert, but would contact cement be better for that? I’ve used the 3M Super 77 stuff and it is really good at that type of bonding, though I’ve not used it specifically on laminate counters.

we got an induction stovetop. apparently, the one pan that is hard to find is the square griddle that one would cook 4 medium sized pancakes on (or 4 slices of french toast) in a 2x2 grid.

i was not an advert for the conversion when the saleswoman at Williams Sonoma asked “ooh, the induction - how do you like it?!?” and I was like “who f-ing cares. I make rice, reheat soup, cook eggs. it’s the same except it heats up faster.” is that gonna get me an endorsement deal?

I talked to 2 “handymen” I know, one said “just heat it back up and slap it on”, the other said “put some super glue on it and tape it tightly for 2-3 hours”.

I bet there is a better adhesive, but first tried the “nothing additional” method of heating it and slapping it back on. Has held for about 24 hours, should it happen again I figured 3 dots of super glue won’t hurt anything as I already have it on hand. But should that fail, I will return to this!

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I write correct sentences most of the time.

Better than what my in laws do, which is use scotch tape to hold it down.

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"Gabriel I.'s comedy is a little repetitive, but not bad.

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musta been an actuary.

I wanted to convert some tables to text in Word and after not seeing the expected right click option, I look it up. The option is in the Layout menu. Great. I click around for a couple minutes until I finally notice that there’s a second Layout menu at the far right when you are on a table.

What if I like to dot the I’s and cross the T’s?


Why are you dotting an I?


I walked 3-5 minutes to the pharmacy, now I’m overheating.

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I had a pimple in the smallest, deepest fold in my ear, hurt for a few days. Then it popped when I was scratching the outside of it, and now the scab is itchy and I can’t reach it to really get scratchy relief.

Bodies are weird and gross.


stoopid cold!!! my nose is running, i’m getting hot, getting a slight headache, can’t sleep. :dizzy_face: :hot_face: :face_exhaling: :face_with_thermometer: :sneezing_face:

Time for an Advil!!!


A bit annoyed. My finance mentor just threw me sideways or something.

I’ve been building a startup. I talk to my mentors about funding it myself and they’re quite clear, nobody’s got time for that. Build it to a certain point, then bring in angel investors, grow then bring in first round investors, and then scale like crazy.

I’m ready to scale, systems are in place that I can go to 100x sales in a few months without pain. All the numbers are good. So…connect me with investors, right?

Now the finance guy says nobody will invest in this. Not sexy enough. Jfc I get told this after some years of being told to push until I get investors? That’s a complete 180.

I like roadmaps. So I said, what do I change to get to investor money? And if I don’t get investor money, what do I do? His response - I don’t know.


Ok, I’m on my own, that’s not new. Sales > ad costs for months and this month I go profitable. So now I just throw my own money at advertising. But really, it’s a bit late to get this info.

There’s a hidden lining. We sat down on our own and talked about what we can do to be attractive to investors. Came up with some ideas, some of them viable. I’m meeting with someone tomorrow who may help that along. So maybe a blessing, but jeepers, I don’t need more work right now.


I’m sensing an opportunity for GoA members to help crowdsource funding for the 1st round. This plan goes big, then big-money investors come in, eventually we get bought out and retire rich and then can spend more time shitposting here.


Kicking back on a Caribbean beach, drinking pina coladas and spending all day on Go Actuary.

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People in the insurance industry would be the only folks that would actually understand the value of what I’m doing. Angels look for hockey stick shaped revenue curves and market share. Insurance people are looking for quality business thats profitable and sticks around. I maintain that others in this sector are missing that, and when they go to sell, insurance people will take one look and say hell no, not at any price.proof, see pretty much any insurance startup in the last 20 years. What I do isn’t titillating, but once it’s built will be a very attractive takeover target.
But angel investors aren’t insurance people, and they have other options that are far more interesting to them.

E.g. you can’t talk retention rate and charge back rates in a five minute pitch to investors. But those things are huge in insurance.

It’s not the worst thing in the world. I’ll just have to scale slower. I won’t be throwing 2 million into advertising over a six months period, the growth will just be funded by sales.

That route is more a small business growth strategy with added scaling. And I’m more comfortable with that anyway.

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