All Eyes on Georgia

So, will there be fair elections for these run-offs?
Will there be mass voter disenrollment?

Tune in to find out.

The Stacey Abrams supporters that claimed there were in her race are delusional.

The presidential election ran very smoothly this time. I don’t expect shenanigans in the runoff, but we will see.

GA still leans GOP. The backlash against Trump didn’t carry over to other races across the country in this election, and I imagine this runoff will have the same trend.

Runoffs have much lower turnout. I’d say “All eyes on Atlanta”, as turnout there will decide these races. I’m pessimistic about the chances for D’s, but a monster ATL turnout will make it happen.

This is accurate. An additional point, make sure to keep an eye on Cobb & Gwinnett. Both moved very blue in their local elections.

I’m interested to see if Rs turnout anywhere near the same as well. There were a lot do Trump, not R supporters where I was and that seemed to be true everywhere else. It seemed a lot of traditional R voters split the ticket more often to not vote for Trump, but still vote for R senate and other races.

Biden’s win decreases the vote for the Ds in the GA senate races. There are people who voted for Biden (or, more likely, stayed home) just because the can’t stomach Trump’s personality. They are Rs in normal times.

Now they can see that voting D for senate will give the Ds a House-Senate-WH trifecta. That’s socialism for sure. Can’t let that happen.


How has past runoff turnout compared to general in GA?
If Abrams can get her GOTV at full-speed again, then it seems like it could happen.

What does this even mean?

This, so much this.

It’s interesting to think on the various types of voters.

  1. People who are normally R who can’t stomach Trump and voted Biden but might not care who wins the Senate races.

  2. People who normally don’t vote at all but came out in droves to support Trump but who probably don’t care who wins the Senate races.

I think both groups exist, but the question is: which group is bigger?

[color=red]Oh and then there’s all the people who are moving to Canada because Trump lost. They’ll be gone by January 5 so they won’t be voting.[/color]

Expect GOP/Fox News/OANN machine to push hard about Georgia for the next two months.

I assume we can expect both sides to be making a huge push in Georgia for the next two months. Obviously the Democrats / liberals should be making a big push in Georgia… not sure why they wouldn’t.

did you just “both sides” that argument??? :scream:

I think you’re dead-on BTW, #Both Sides will be pushing hard in GA over the next 2 months. It matters significantly.

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If we want to help support the democrats’ efforts, what’s the best way. As a national Common Cause member, I got a solicitation today to support protecting nonpartison election volunteers.

[quote] Now, as the entire nation’s eyes turn to Georgia’s Senate runoff – I’m writing to you because we need your help. Common Cause Georgia has the expertise and already-built organizing network to mobilize and protect the rights of each and every voter during this all-important runoff election.

After putting nearly all we had into the general election, we now must keep this work going through January 5th. And now that we must – I urgently need your support to make sure we can field every volunteer who signs up – so that no voter is silenced during this hugely important runoff election.

Can you step up and rush an emergency contribution to Common Cause Georgia and sponsor a nonpartisan Election Protection volunteer today?
True, I’m very opposed to voter suppression of any sort, and think the Republicans should be able to vote. Fighting voter suppression of all sorts will help the dems. Is it the best way to promote the outcome we want?

By the way, I gave nothing toward the presidential races. I would have regretted that if somehow Trump had won. I don’t expect to give much toward Georgia, but whatever I give I would want to go to the most productive use.

It means that the Stacey Abrams supporters that claim she lost on voter suppression are delusional and have little evidence to support their claims.

Don’t forget MSNBC as well.

I think that Whiskey means that your post appears to have a word missing. It doesn’t read as a complete sentence. “claimed there were in her race” doesn’t really make any sense in terms of sentence structure. Is it supposed to be “claimed there were X in her race”??? There are many possible values of X and it’s not clear what you mean.

Could you maybe fix your post? That would help us understand what your point was.

Not necessarily - Stacey lost by 55k votes. ACLU report alleged that 200k voters had been wrongfully purged even though they had not changed their address. Last year 22k were restored by GA election officials. So the number of votes that had been “suppressed” in this process could be somewhere in the middle, and I’m not including other irregularities such as voter registrations being delayed and poll closures in largely minority neighbourhoods that made for long lines in the polls in largely Democratic areas. I’m not saying she’s right, since I believe that both voter suppression and voter fraud allegations tend to be overblown, but I think the combination of Stacey’s influence in making the registration and voting process a bit easier and the fact that there was less of a conflict of interest with the guy running the election (remember that Kemp was secretary of state when he ran for governor and had no intention of recusing himself from the process) definitely improved conditions for Democratic voters since 2 years ago.

Zer0 cases of voter fraud and 200,000 cases of wrongful purging. Trump is claiming there are MILLIONS of fraudulent votes and Dems are claiming there are 200,000 cases of wrongful purging.

But yeah, both claims are overblown.

Both sides!!!

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