Alicia Silverstone

creepy pedophile or loving mother? what say you?

I think creepy pedophile. Also, that pre-chewing thing makes me want to vomit.

She was cool in Clueless though.

oh, one thing I can say is a positive for her is that she is against ever yelling at her kid. verbal abuse can be scarring. however, she’s a pedophile, so it sorta evens out.

Alicia Silverstone’s Unique Parenting Methods Have Got Everyone Talking (

I should have stopped reading at the kid’s name. That article was tl;dr

I don’t think I read the whole thing. I read enough to decide she’s a pedophile.

I was unsurprised to learn she’s divorced. It’d be exhausting being married to that.

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to be fair, most of hollywood is divorced

The pre-chewed food thing is more normal than you think, plenty of cultures do it. So I’m not disturbed by that.

But she does seem like someone who isn’t going to tolerate her kids having a different opinion from her many strong beliefs, that will cause trouble. And she’s also an anti-vaccine nutjob.

It’s understandable that many actors and actresses are dumbasses. They spend ther entire life acting so their education isn’t going to be much better than someone who stopped in middle school. It also happens to musicians and athletes to an even greater degree. They’re good at what they do but they lack many of the skills that normal people take for granted.

Doesn’t matter if half the world does this. It is gross.


I think many are encouraged to remain dumbasses. That way they can be taken advantage of.

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I didn’t read the whole thing, but taking a bath naked with your 9 year old is creepy IMO. If a father did this with his daughter I’m pretty sure he’d be arrested.

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Yeah, it’s always notable when someone in Hollywood has a marriage last more than about 10-15 years.

I went to a symphony concert conducted by Hollywood composer Bill Conti (Rocky, Karate Kid, For Your Eyes Only, The Right Stuff, and more) and he was telling stories throughout the concert: mostly about his experiences as music director of the Academy Awards show, but several about his first wife. He eventually revealed that she was his only wife and they’d been married something like 30 years. But since they were in Hollywood they both talked about their first wife/husband to fit in!

I read most of it and didn’t see anything that pointed to her being a pedophile. Is it weird that she takes baths with her kid when he’s 9? Sure, but there’s nothing sexual about it. Some people breastfeed for way too long too, does that make them pedophiles?

I will admit, the below section of the article was weird, but I don’t think she’s a pedo because of it. I have a 7 yo daughter who wants me to kiss her on the lips at bedtime. We have this whole kissing thing where she kisses each of my cheeks and my forehead then chin and then on the lips. It’s a really quick peck, no lingering or anything. I keep wondering if she’ll just grow out of it or if I’ll have to stop it eventually. I’d like to think I’m not a pedo…

It also reminds me of a random 40 yo I knew who still kissed his mom on his lips… it was weird, but not sexual.

Celebrity parents like David and Victoria Beckham have often come under fire for continually kissing their children on the lips as they get older, but Alicia Silverstone doesn’t understand this backlash. She is a firm believer in showing your child affection whatever their age and has confessed that her son continues to kiss her on the lips today.

In fact, in 2018 Alicia noted that Bear had watched Clueless for the first time and learned something particularly memorable from the movie. She told Stephen Colbert that “The one thing he took away from [watching Clueless ], aside from all the things I was worried about, was he kept trying to French kiss me afterward, which was very sweet. I just kept my mouth closed. That’s what I did. And I just giggled. It’s super sweet.”

Tom Brady still kisses his father on the lips.

Eh, I think 9 is too old for kids to see their opposite sex parent(s) naked. :woman_shrugging:

Like I said, if a father was having naked baths with his 9 year old daughter I think he’d be arrested.

There was that one scene in Sex and the City where Charlotte walked in on her ex husband’s mom bathing him. She wasn’t bathing with him though, just bathing him.

His explanation was actually accurate. A lot of old money kids don’t spend time with their parents and are pretty much raised by household staff. That was the case with my mom as her parents were always busy with business and governing. So it makes sense that the character would have made sure he got the few minutes of time he had with his mom.

Was she bathing him or just hanging out in the bathroom while he was bathing himself? Been a while since I watched that show or certainly that particular episode.

Charlotte was rightfully grossed out either way.

By that age everyone has seen a dong before. In other cultures people take baths in one big pool together and hey there are places in the US for that too.

Omg a dong

So scary

So inappropriate

People only think it’s weird because of their own experience. We all only lived one life.

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I would have agreed with you before I had a 9yo son, and probably still do in most cases, but my son sees me naked more often than I expected. He barges into rooms, or I change in my bedroom when he’s downstairs and he comes up unexpectedly. I ask for privacy and cover up, but I don’t overreact or treat my nakedness like it’s anything horrifying. I want him to have healthy boundaries about nudity. I think puberty will introduce a new level of privacy for our house, but we aren’t there yet.

Bathing is a line I wouldn’t cross, but I mean…I don’t think it makes a person a pedo, either. I had a friend who nursed until her son was 4 or 5. Did I think it was weird? Yeah, a little. But not really my business.