Alicia Silverstone

He is 11 now. Still just fine if she still does it.

As kids get older and more aware they start to create those boundaries themselves. My son was the same as NA’s, but as he’s gotten older (12 now) he’s started learning to not just barge into rooms (or seems to regret it if he does and my wife or I are not fully dressed). But this kid will definitely have a weird childhood (not arguing that at all), so who knows what they’re doing. Still don’t think she’s a pedo though.

So you would think the same if it was the father bathing with his daughter?

Kids barging in isnt the same thing

Look, I’m not saying it’s normal. I’m just saying it doesn’t make a parent a pedophile. I personally wouldn’t do it with my kids for 2 reasons: 1) it would make me uncomfortable, and 2) Baths in general make me uncomfortable - I think it’s weird to sit in your own dirty water.

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I imagine there are probably a lot of single parents out there who want to be as close to their kids as possible, and probably maintain an uncomfortably close distance to their kids.
I don’t really see a problem with that, no matter the sex of the kid. (the kids could be gay anyway so it could be equally weird if a dad bathed with his teenage son)

Unless something clearly illegal happens, stay out of people’s personal lives imo. Nobody’s life is really that normal under a microscope.

not sure what the kid being gay or straight has to do with the actions of the parent here.

the fact that people think it’s weirder for a parent to bathe with his/her opposite sex child

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it’s not because of the sexuality of the kid. it’s the parent’s actions.

i’d also find it strange for same sex parents to be bathing with their kid now that you mention it, but opposite sex is weirder.

she puts her personal life out there to be discussed.

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I am not raising a child, so i really have very limited input and experience that is relevant

But, since it is the internet…

I definitely agree with the above opinion.
Western culture is way to fucking prudish and sexualizes nudity when it should not be sexualized.

There should be no issue with seeing family members (or really anyone) of the opposite sex naked. Unfortunately, everything is sexualized that should not be sexualized.


if you had a 13 year old daughter, you would bathe alone and naked with her? ew

I’d asked our pediatrician about parental nudity around kids. Basically it was whatever each family is comfortable with, as long as kids know proper boundaries and wanted privacy is respected.


okay, so it’s settled, alicia isn’t weird at all. we’re the prudes. :judge:


She’s weird for other things. I think bathing with a parent at that age is weird but that doesn’t mean it’s pathological.

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oh no, she’s definitely weird. She’s just not a pedophile (or at least not based on that one article).


I’d take a bath with her! :wink:

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her parenting methods are a turn off to me even if i was lesbo. no thanks, pass.

she’s so pretty in Clueless

The most confusing part is her quasi-pornographic film history. Scratch that and it would be less interesting.

I think it’s a bad idea, but only because it’s hard to tell when children are being traumatized by sexual abuse.

is this his secret to athletic longevity?