Alex Jones / Sandy Hook Trial

Boo! But not unexpected. There are more cases with more plaintiffs though.

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The other solution is a pound of flesh

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He seems to have plenty of those to spare.

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What a maroon AJ is and his lawyer is an idiot. Maybe he’ll throw in the divorce trial work for free?

Most googled person today will be Alex Jones’ wife.

Until last week, I did not know what Alex Jones looked like and I really didn’t know what he did/does.

My condolences for your loss of innocence.

I still have never heard him

Just dropping this here.

ETA: sorry for the re-post, didn’t scroll up far enough to see that NP posted it already.

Talk about your full dis-clothes-ure.

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pics or it didn’t happen

First photo that came up of AJ’s wife, Erika Wulff-Jones:

That’s weird. That is not what shows up when I search.

maybe it’s not her. that’s a clothed woman

Well I only spent 30 seconds on this and I could very easily have been wrong. My apologies if that is not his wife. Safe search filters preclude searching for the possible actual pictures sent to Stone.

Spent a couple more minutes and it appears that may have been a picture of a reported covering a story. This seems more likely.

So who plays him in the inevitable Netflix docudrama? I’ll put my money on Will Sasso.

Kevin James

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Ok, I googled Will Sasso. Yeah, that’s a pretty good pick.

I suppose @NerdAlert could watch that show with the volume off