Discussion about the use of a snooze button on an alarm. Some people rely on the snooze button, others think it makes more sense to sleep uninterrupted until needing to get up.

  • Don’t use an alarm / wake up naturally
  • Only use one alarm
  • Use an alarm + 1 snooze but stay awake during the snooze period
  • Use an alarm + 1 snooze and go back to sleep during the snooze period
  • Use alarm + multiple snoozes
  • 42 alarms

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Normal for me is alarm + one snooze which I use to slowly wake up, although sometimes I fall back asleep or get up after the initial alarm.

I don’t get it when people’s standard is multiple snoozes. I’ve done it occasionally when exhausted.

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I voted one snooze, but depending on what it going on, I may not snooze, may re-snooze, or may set a different alarm.

For a while there I was using an app called “sleep cycle “ …it monitors how deeply you are sleeping and when you’re in a light sleep in the neighborhood of your alarm time it’ll start to go off… it’s also a nice gentle alarm instead of a blaring wake the whole house monstrosity. I no longer use it for reasons.

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I’m trying to shift from multiple snoozes to one snooze. It’s not a fun habit to break. The one snooze is just two alarms set 3 minutes apart, as occasionally I don’t even process the first one and turn it off accidentally. The second alarm is also on my dresser so I have to get out of bed to turn it off. :confused:

I have 2 alarms set. One is 30-45 minutes before the second one which is when I actually get up.

Most mornings, I wake up naturally

If I have an early meeting I will set an alarm, though never need it

If a very early flight, I may set too alarms (or a hotel wake-up call)

Usually just so I sleep better without worry, never have slept through an alarm

I never use the snooze

Kinda dumb poll so 42.
I will wake up whenever I want, crawl over to the home office, start working.
Exceptions are when I HAVE to wake up for a meeting or trip or whatev’s. Snooze? Eh, depends on what I feel like that day. I don’t plan to hit the snooze the night before, setting the alarm ahead just so I can hit snooze like an automaton. Even then, hitting snooze is a function of how much time I have that morning.

do you people with two alarms or snoozing regularly share a bed with another person?

I usually don’t need an alarm although I do have one scheduled just in case if I have a meeting in the morning. I tend to wake up 30 minutes before it’s scheduled to go off - almost at the same time every day.


Plus I use an alarm clock, not my phone.

Much easier to just sing my arm out to hit the snooze than pick my heap up and try to locate the phone, then the icon on the screen for the snooze. Too often I’ve hit the ‘off’ icon instead of ‘snooze.’

That and it’s much easier to hit the button on the clock because my phone being in my room is an extremely rare occurrence.

What’s the point of that? Why not just sleep the extra half a hour?

No alarm, never had. My feet hit the floor every morning between about 5:00 and 5:30, to which I proclaim:
“lets go barbie, lets go party”.
Time to roll.

Never fails - I wake up at 4:00 ish AM every day. I really don’t mind as I have to take meds with a clean stomach. So this works out well for that purpose, but many times I cannot get back to sleep. Thus why I have so many projects. Just get up and do something.

Thanks, Dad.

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Between g-lassie and I there are probably 4 different alarms set. Typically the first 1-2 alarms are snugg-alarms, then I usually get up on the 2nd or 3rd. If we get to #4 it must have been a late night indeed.

It triggers my brain to start waking up. Prior to doing this, I was someone that constantly hit the snooze button.

Yes but the established rule is no more than alarm + 1 snooze (which you’d better silence fast) if the other person is sleeping.

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i rarely use alarms and just mostly wake up on my own for a regular day.

when I set them, i tend to wake up nervously every hour or so through the night and get out of bed about 10 minutes before the alarm was set. it’s frustrating.

not a big snooze person. and def not with another sleeper within earshot.

Even if I am awake in bed in the morning, I’m generally not going to get up until I hear an alarm.