Advice needed. Best Halloween candy

I have two Halloween rules.

  1. I give out the best candy.

  2. I have the biggest pumpkin on the block.

Need help with number 1. Comments on 2. Welcome but not required.

I’m thinking a three pack of Reece’s peanut butter cups this year. But I feel I could do better.

Bigger is better


:drooling_face: : :yum:

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I know the virus doesn’t (primarily) spread on surfaces, but I decided to go for the full-size candy bars last year so that kids wouldn’t be rummaging through the bowl for the kind of candy they wanted.

I plan to do that again this year, but not sure how much to buy. We hardly got any trick-or-treaters last year. Will we have more this year? I don’t want tons left over as I’ll eat it!!!

Got two different assortments of full-sized bars at Costco last year… I think 60 candy bars. We had like 9 trick-or-treaters. I was trying to get them to take two and they wouldn’t!!! Darn kids are too well behaved these days!!!

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  1. Toblerone. The big ones.

  2. Is your pumpkin patch the most sincere & lacking in hypocrisy? Asking for a friend.


Lol. A box of things you can’t get in the US.

I just give out what I like, which is Reeces peanut butter cups and kitkats.

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One pound boxes of See’s Candy

Costco has boxes of full size candy bars. I get a few of those. Kids seem to like them. :woman_shrugging:

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And we have All Dressed potato chips and butter tarts!!! So gooooood!!! :yum:

Yes, yes, YAAAAHS. Please send one to me thanks.

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Take 5’s. Best and equally underrated/underrepresented.


do you work for Berkshire Hathaway?

Milky way or Twix!

If you gotta be British about it then Curly Wurly and Mars bar

Kids love the sour stuff, I hate it, therefore that is what we buy so I don’t eat it.

Other than that - best probably just means the biggest

Nah. IMO, pretzels are very seldom good as an ingredient in other things. These do not break that rule of thumb.

Actually, take fives are the main reason I came up with the rule of thumb…


I’ve become a bigger fan of chocolate covered pretzels in recent years

Nah, don’t like the pretzels.

As far as underrated candy goes: Reese’s Pieces. :yum:

But it’s hard to find them in quantities appropriate for Halloween distribution :sob: … unless you buy a package polluted with Reese’s cups (fine) and … Take 5’s :nauseated_face:


Maybe we should split a few of the assorted bags. You can have all the Take 5’s, I’ll take all the Reese’s Pieces, and we can split the Reese’s cups.

I do not want to lose this deal!

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Underrated = airheads

If you want to be the best house, just get the biggest reeses peanut butter cups you can find

Reese’s cups taste fine, but the chocolate melts too easily. An I live in Arizona, so can’t really eat them unless they get refrigerated first.