Actuaryexamtutors? Never heard of them

Perhaps I’m out of the loop. What’s the rep on these folks?

They seem to have some heavy hitters in terms of tutors.

I’m sure they’re great people. I only know one of them, and he certainly is.

My uncomfortable realization here is how judgey I’m feeling about people who would be relying on this service for more than 5 or 6 hours of tutoring time per exam.

I’m going to need to think about whether that judginess is warranted (valuable and applicable skills in reading new regulations, making connections between projects, etc) or not warranted (everyone has different learning styles, a pass is a pass, who cares how you learned the material as long as you learned it).

Different note, I assume your typical exam program would not cover this or would not cover much of this. $100 per hour adds up pretty fast, even if you’re getting it in 30-minute doses (not clear what a typical or minimum session is, based on my cursory read).

Everyone writes the same exams, with the same questions, in the same timeframe. How you got there is irrelevant and not tested.

I’m a fan of tutors, use them whenever I can. And I don’t use them because I"m failing and need to pass. I use them if I’m getting 70’s and want 80’s, or want better marks with less time. I can spend an hour looking at something on paper, to have a tutor explain it to me in 5 minutes - and I’ll understand it fully as well as if I’d spent an hour researching it.

Though I wasn’t asking for me (though I may use them in the future). I was just curious, it’s a bit of a unique service. Seems like most exam providers have gone the way of study material and books and they don’t seem to do the onsite seminars anymore. Back when I was writing exams that was the goto - flying to chicago or somewhere to get taught by a prof in a class room setting for a few days.

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I’ve never heard of them. But they don’t seem to tutor CAS exams at all. So maybe they are well known in the SoA?

Seems mildly perilous unless you’re willing to be in for the long haul with hiring tutors.

I’d definitely say learning how to study has been a big part of getting through the actuarial exams, I wonder if you used a tutor for early exams you might actually have more difficulty for later ones?

I used tutors routinely over the last five years when I was in school. I can and did study on my own. I’d come prepared to the sessions. The tutoring got me through the more difficult material faster than I could on my own. Same as going to office hours, and I did that to. Because I was already getting good marks on my own, I don’t think they were a crutch. They were/are just another tool, not too different from all the study guides everyone uses.