Private Tutoring for P FM SRM LTAM STAM IFM 3/F MAS 1 MAS 2

Dear fellow actuaries

I am offering one-on-one online lesson via zoom for all many SOA/CAS exams

  • 3/F MAS 1 MAS 2

Currently I am offering a 1-hour free trial lesson for everyone. Please feel free to contact me

More information

  • Rate for exam P and FM is 35USD per hour.
  • For other exams, please ask for the rates
  • The lessons are in English

Teacher Qualifications

I almost have ASA qualification (Only exam PA and FAP left) and have 3 years of teaching experience

Please contact me by

Line: yodharin

Whatapps: +66831301926


I’ve moved this into it’s own thread for better visibility. Thanks for posting.

I would suggest that instead of a thread here in the general section that you create a thread in each of the relevant exam sections. There will be greater visibility there, and we’re shortly going to be rolling out some things that will hopefully increase traffic to the exam sections. If you do that, I’ll delete this thread as irrelevant.

Also, personal comment. Consider posting your IRL name and maybe some credentials/where you taught. It looks pretty anonymous right now. And, you should likely explain how you’re tutoring for both CAS and SOA exams. Generally people wouldn’t write both sets of exams, and generally I think students are likely looking for people with either advanced academic creds or who have written the exams.