Actuary Sighting

Which nerd, and/or which sub?

How can you tell? Same user name? My Reddit username is something random they assigned. But if someone saw me comment on actuarial stuff and then in another sub, they could probably guess who I am.

There’s at least GoA username in the redditverse, and another individual who references the profession in their Reddit username.

I won’t say how I know, but I was able to deduce!

I also have a Reddit username that’s the same as my handle here that I use to discuss Actuary stuff on Reddit. But it’s not my only Reddit username, because I don’t really like all my worlds colliding.



I see CS on Reddit… and there is another one who uses their AO or GoA handle but I can’t recall who. I ran into T-Roy once randomly on Reddit, and then promptly forgot his user name.

If anyone runs into me I’d be mildly surprised, most of my posts are in somewhat arcane subs.

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I am occasionally on the quilting sub, but I mostly comment, don’t post all that much. When I do post, it would be obvious who I am, since I post the same quilts here.


I’m AOmeep on reddit

and I pretty much post only in the sumo subs