Actuary Sighting

From “The Best of R. A. Rafferty” the Hugo Award story Eurema’s Dam:

Albert was too awkward to earn a living at an honest trade. He was reduced to peddling his little tricks and contrivances to shysters and promoters. But he did back into a sort of fame, and he did become burdened with wealth.
He was too stupid to handle his own monetary affairs, but he built an actuary machine to do his investing and he became rich by accident. He built the damned thing too good and he regretted it.


from That Hideous Strength, by C.S. Lewis:

When the so-called struggle for existence is seen simply as an actuarial theorem, we have, in Waddington’s words, ‘a concept as unemotional as a definite integral’ and the emotion disappears.

according to this:

Waddington is this guy:

And this is the quote that definite integral bit came from:

To Huxley, the cosmic process was summed up in its method; and its method was “the gladiatorial theory of existence” in which “the strongest, the most self-assertive tend to tread down the weaker”, it demanded “ruthless self-assertion”, the “thrusting aside, or treading down of all competitors”. To us that method is one which, among animals, turns on the actuarial expectation of female offspring from different female individuals, a concept as unemotional as a definite integral …

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At my FAC a few of us went to the ballgame one night and one of us in the group got really drunk. This person was also late to the first AM class and was asked to leave. It was done in a very subtle way. PARTY!

Thanks for linking - I was trying to find an actuary references thread and failed to do so

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The search function can work well… but you need to know what words to search on.

“I’m an actuary, and I still have to go through this thing!”


Someone took my cool AO-ID:

I went to Tortilla Flat on the Apalacian Trail. There is a restaurant that has $500,000 worth of $bills on the wall. I found this one while looking around. It is not mine.

Canadian Tire money!!! :+1: :laughing:

i don’t know where you were halloween 2009

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I haven’t ever run into an actuarial science major from that particular university so I looked it up. They do offer a minor in actuarial science there. It’s possible they offered a major in past years but I doubt it. I wonder how much it helps him in his occupation as a rideshare driver.


Here’s the excerpt talking about an actuary who made threats against election officials.

Here’s the book he wrote:

Sounds like a typical John Nash guy, but without the Nobel-winning ideas and work.

Watching Beanie Mania on HBO Max and a woman said she was selling Beanie Babies to accountants and actuaries as investments.

Fess up, which of yinz were investing in Beanie Babies in the 90’s?

On the bottom of page 8 @meep gets described as “a prominent pension and actuarial professional” and is quoted on her insights and thoughts about the proposed and tentative de-annexation of Buckhead City from Atlanta.