Actuary in Central Park avoids punishment


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I get surprised when anyone has to look that up, but then again when we went on a family trip to Israel a few decades ago Abbey Road was one of the few tapes my sister brought with her on the trip so I heard it more than a few times.

We used to sing that song at summer camp. Seems strange in retrospect.

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So, it’s a British show?


Tough to win a job discrimination lawsuit in NY - courts are very employer-friendly.

Is that a non-sequitur or do you actually believe she has a case?

She definitely had a case but there was enough ambiguity that I’m not surprised it was struck down.

She was fired for publicly embarrassing her firm. It was not work related and the publicity was not intentional, but it happened. Plus her presence could easily create a toxic work environment.

I would have been shocked if she was not fired


I don’t think she had a case. NY is an employment at will state. Her employer can legally fire her for wearing ugly shoes to the grocery store on her off day if they want to, or preferring The Beatles to Elvis Presley…

It is encumbent on the terminated employee to prove that they were fired for an illegal reason, such as being a woman, or refusing to sleep with the boss. It’s pretty obvious the real reason she was fired, and it was not even close to being an illegal reason.

damn, i hope my employer loves the t-shirts i have been wearing to the office lately.

Why do you think you’re getting that promotion

She had no basis for the lawsuit.

It is interesting, the allegations that other employees had been involved in insider trading and/or domestic violence. That should be escalated to the SEC and the local police, and probably those people should be fired!

Anyway, what were we talking about legally?


I’m glad to see that whataboutism hasn’t yet become a valid argument in court.

There is whataboutism in court in a case like this. It’s just that it needs to be the same whatabout, not a completely different whatabout.


He kind of whatabout is supposed to be behind closed doors to extort her company into a nice exit package. Not whining to see the judge’s manager.

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