Actuaries are most often married to

…other actuaries!

Let’s compare against accountants:



Let me update my dating pool

Off the top of my head I can identify 7 actuarial couples but I’m sure several more will come to me later. One of the guys said that he and his wife would never work for the same company given the increased risk of both people being RIF-ed at the same time.


CNA = marriage factory

“Chief Executives and legislators” is a weird grouping


interestingly some of the gender imbalanced careers like nurses also have nurses as the highest one

Hmmm I noticed “work” is never one of the options…. :thinking:


I was going to object to this… but I AM married to an actuary, just an expired, nonpracticing one. I just tell people he works for Big Pharma.

Ha! Psychologist not on the list! Take that, statistics!


6% does not seem noteworthy at all. The doctor one is extreme


Arguably we should be looking at ratios too. If actuaries married people proportionately we’d expect them to marry many more accountants and office clerks. But actuaries marrying actuaries… well they’re really into that then.

no homo

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So no “till death do us part” clause?

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all this says to me is that people marry someone they met at work. actuaries tend to work more closely with other actuaries than the dude in accounting.

this just doesn’t seem noteworthy to me at all.


till expiration do us apart

also, is this lower case “a” or capital “A”? cause i don’t think non-credentialed people who took an exam once should count.

We forgot to keep a copy of our vows so it’s anyone’s guess at this point.

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It’s little a. It definitely includes people who are “merely” actuarial students.

(If you look at the salary stats the BLS has for actuaries vs what we know to be the case for credentialed folks, you realize there are a bunch of non-credentialed people in the grouping)

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ah, so yawnfest results outside of the doctors

I noticed that a lot of those had “Elementary and middle school teachers” pretty high so I went to them and they marry each other highest (about 10%) yet Actuary isn’t listed amount those in the graph.