Actuaries are most often married to

a simple venn diagram should explain that pretty easily

Yeah, I’m guessing the circle for Actuary is going to be microscopic or virtually empty.

Docs work long hours, makes it tougher for them to date outside of work so understandable they do “anatomy lessons” with their co-workers

So maybe there is hope for Dr. Douchebag after all. Just not with JFGW.

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Apparently if someone didn’t have a significant other going into med school, the dating pool is effectively restricted to those in med school and going into residency, because of availability and the other person understanding they have no life.

if i recall from gray’s anatomy (tv show) approx 1 out of every 3 rooms in a hospital is being used for residents to bang. so there’s that

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I’ve watched Scrubs - I know what goes on in the on-call room.

A friend of mine is a surgeon, and he’s been able to date plenty of women outside the medical field. Long work hours are a downside, but plenty of upsides including good money, status and having easy access to medical care. If he really wanted to get married at some point it wouldn’t be too difficult for him IMO.