Actuarial spouses survey

Looking for some volunteers to let me talk to their spouses about what it is like to live with an Actuary. I am looking for some amusing anecdotes for an upcoming article I am working on. If interested or looking for more details please reach out to me at:


Have you ever met an actuary? Well, they usually have a very good sense of humor. You meet an actuary at a party, don’t walk away.


I’m really funny … for an actuary.

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I’m really actuarial, for a funny guy.

Anywho, No, Thank You. My anecdotes are too valuable to be given out for free.
But my wife: what a hoot! I could tell you stories…

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There have to be some funny stories about maintaining the pool she could tell

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My husband used to howl in laughter at the idea of actuaries banding together at an outpost, defending against some hypothetical ambush from enemies (accountants, maybe?).




They’re just jealous…


Love to hear those stories from her or you.

I’d also point out I do believe the US military employs a few actuaries for their life/health/etc. So you could be an actuarial veteran… Not sure whether you’d typically get stationed in Iraq or Afghanistan though…

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What do you mean by “what it’s like to live with an actuary?” Are actuaries presumed to be dramatically different to live with from other office workers?

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Maybe my objective wasn’t clear enough. I am not looking to determine whether actuaries are funny. I am looking for funny (yet Kind) stories about living with an actuary. Things that actuaries might do that are unique. Some are benefits of having an actuary in the house, like always having your checkbook balanced. Others might be more frustrating. All replies will be confidential and if used will be presented in a gender neutral manner to preserve anonymity

You would probably have better luck browsing this website for stories; our spouses think we’re basically normal people. There’s a convention where we learn how to pretend we’re normal around non-actuaries, it’s only at conferences or on actuarial dweeb sites where we take off the mask.

RIP AO, there were some good stories there…


I’m a bit of a wet blanket about gambling/playing the lottery/etc. That’s a bit actuarial (I’d think), although I’ve definitely run into actuaries who happily gamble and would probably describe me as boring.

I remember going to lunch with a few colleagues and one didn’t wear their seatbelt. My opinion of her actuarial opinions went way down after seeing that…


We bitch constantly about the cost of long-term public pensions, and that they are totally unaffordable.

Drives my wife a bit crazy.

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What kind of riveting article?

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As stated above the article is intending to show funny stories about living with an actuary. Some will be good things some would be challenges.

But what kind of article? Where is this to be published?

Um, the Actuarial Outpost was actually actuaries banding together defending against the tyrannical overlords at the SOA and CAS.