Actuarial Chess Club

Any games happening inside this group? I could do some 7-day games, to casually do a move during a break or a flurry of moves if the other person is active.

Name: Rastiln

There are currently tournaments going on in our group, so some people may be busy at the moment, although you could always send someone a challenge.

If you haven’t joined yet, you can join the Actuarial Chess Club on chess dot com:

By joining, you’ll get any announcements regarding tournaments and such.

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Check mate via castle:

Fast forward to the good part:

That’s amazing. Makes me want to try to get it. But not willing to lose 1000 rating points to do so. Maybe I can try on my son’s account.

Also, recommend watching the whole video because the context is important.

Though he did lose me when he said, “not even Carl Magnusson has done this.”

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You can give it a try against me in blitz haha. I won’t resign in any of the games.

2200 in puzzles finally…I can see some benefit to these in my own play once half the pieces are of the board. Generally though, I lose my games by blundering in the first 10 moves. I don’t allocate any time to study opening principles though, so…there it is.

Have pulled off a couple comebacks in the tourney though, which is satisfying.

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Do you get the award if the games is unrated? Also, if you know I’m going for it, it makes it much harder, I’m sure.

Spoke too soon! Brutally choked my last one. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Wow a Sicilian in Caruana-Nakamura!

@MayanActuary i pretty much watched the entire Caruana-Nakamura game (no eval bar). Hikaru was down a pawn but there were opposite-colored bishops. The way that Hikaru was defending was insane. Never in my life would I have been able to find the moves he made to hold onto the draw.

Yeah I’ve been largely watching the chess24 stream and Hikaru was amazing at saving that game after his Rxf2 move. Looks like it might be another tough defense today

Yeah today was brutal to watch. His queenside pieces were all so lonely.

I prefer the post-game analysis versus watching it live:

Almost a year later, the Big Actuarial Tourney has finally concluded.

Congrats to the Top 3:

1st - Minnesotah
2nd - Staples13
3rd - actuaryman (@JonasChess)

None of the groups (A through D) have yet to finish their games. I will announce the winners once all games/or at least until the Top 3 is determined for each group.


Congrats to the winners. Thanks for running it Seasplash!

@MayanActuary a bit sad neither Hikaru nor Fabi could win the candidates. They were both so close, particularly Fabi. Would’ve been nice to see an American break through, but it is insane to think a 17 year old will be fighting for a World Championship.

Interesting to note that in the unlikely event Ding doesn’t defend his title, Hikaru would actually play Gukesh. He finished 2nd despite being tied with Fabi and Nepo because of various tiebreaks.

I made an announcement on chess dot com but I’ll announce it here too. I am considering doing a chess960 daily tournament. I’ve received messages from 4 people saying they are interested, so we had enough people to do a tournament.

If you are interested, please let me know!


So I’ve been going to my weekly chess meetups recently at a local bar (The Boardroom) in DC. Been playing players who consider themselves “intermediate” to “advanced”, with decent results in mainly 5 min 5 sec increment blitz OTB. Most of them say they’re somewhere between 1600 to 1800 blitz on chess dot com, so they’re very surprised when I tell them my blitz is in the 1100s.

Is it reasonable that I play far better in OTB compared to online? Maybe there’s a psychological/mental element when it comes to playing online for me?

Some people are better OTB vs online or vice-versa. It’s also possible that you may have found a style of play or set of openings that the OTB opponents are not well adapted to yet. You don’t say but I think it’s likely that your number of OTB opponents at the club is relatively small.