Actuarial Chess Club

Let’s continue the AO tradition of chess games and tournaments. For now any chit chat can go here. I’ll try to set up some tournaments and stuff eventually, maybe directly in I wonder if RedSox is still around?

I’ve created a chess club on that everyone should join:

Here is a list of player names from the AO that I was able to grab before the site went kaboom:
1695814 == 1695814
AbstractActuary == abstractactuary
actuary_aspire == actuary_aspire
appana == appana88
Arthur Kade == CapaFan1888
Aq0437 == AaronAmacher
Cynical_Realist == Cynical_Realist
devilrox == devilrox
Gene Yuss == GeneYuss
Hagbard Celine = Hagbard_Celine_CAS
ImPrettyDumb == SneekySneaky
Jonnyb373 ==Jonnyb37
Jonas Grumby == actuaryman
Klaymen == KlaymenAO
Lost_In_Translation == Olligator
Lusus_Naturae == LususNaturae0
MayanActuary == dzibanche
Minnesotah == Minnesotah
RhoRho == agtuary
watcher in the woods == watcher_in_the_woods
Werewolf == ROWerewolf

*I invited a lot of the names from above to join the group. We’ll see if it takes off or not.

Thanks for the invite!


If you guys are looking for a bad player to beat up on, I have some interested in getting into chess.

Thanks for putting this together!

I play on as rekrap_actuary

I joined, so J0EBL0W can have someone weak to play against if we get a tournament started. :slight_smile:


I’m going to create a tournament in the club, probably on Monday. Is there anyone who definitely wouldn’t want to play in a tournament?

I am not sure if I can break it into different groups. Or create separate tournaments with a promotion/relegation feature. We’ll see, hopefully it doesn’t screw up things too much.

Are these live or correspondence tournaments?


Hmm apparently you need a premium membership to start a tournament. I was going to look through the various options but can’t even get that far.

I had decided to get the premium membership, and when I did, I saw I had the option to create clubs and tournaments, so I decided to make an AO club.

I think I might make the first tournament just one big one where the results will kind of seed you into the correct groupings for the future.

Joined the tournament - I like this idea!

I signed up. I’m “thtevie” on

I don’t see any notices or such on concerning this tournament…even when I’m on the club page (

Any ideas what I need to do? Is there a direct link to this tournament?


Just posted the link in the group. I thought when I created the tournament it invited everyone in the club but maybe not. I don’t see you on the invite list for some reason. I’ll also try to manually invite you as well.

Excellent. This time, upon going to, I got an indicator that “a post has been made to the Actuarial Chess Club”…and, upon clicking that link, it brought me to the “Notes” section where I was able to click on the link you provided there.

FWIW, I don’t see a manual invite, but that’s a moo point at this point.

I think I’m in the tournament.

I think I am in too. Username = mizizark

I found it in the e-mail on the app.