Actuarial Books

I wonder if anyone has any suggestions for interesting loosely actuarial-related books?

One example I’ve already read would be Against the Gods. I’d love to discover a couple books to leisurely/non-technically learn more about non-P&C insurance particularly if anyone has any ideas. In fact one example of a book going the other way that is pretty good is Catastrophe Modeling by Grossi on CAS Exam 8, although I’ve already read that one.

Thanks for any suggestions

Not necessarily actuarial, but I’ve been reading Weapons of Math Destruction. I really like the book, though it does make you angry at the world.

I have another book about the constant e that I also like, but I can’t remember who wrote it and I didn’t see a book cover that looked familiar when I googled it.

Thanks for the suggestion! Yeah I can see how that would make you cynical :laughing:

The Wisdom of Finance:

An Economist Walks into a Brothel


“The Policy” by Patrick Lynch.
Lovely actuary Alex Tynan discovers some funky data, then it’s gone the next day. Low-stress job?

" Young, attractive math genius Alexandra Tynan has taken a job as an actuary at ProvLife, a good, gray insurance company in Rhode Island. The calm and steady work fills a need in her life. (“What’s the difference between an extroverted actuary and an introverted actuary?” jokes a colleague. “The extroverted actuary stares at your shoes…”) But ProvLife turns out to be a devious and dangerous place"

:laughing: thanks for the recommendation

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Sheesh, spoiler-alert that shit!

Anywho, got this recommendation from “Ling” who used to post at AO and the forums before that (back when it was a relatively new book! 'cause, i’m old).

How do I spoiler it? I am also old :older_man:

Not a book but you definitely want to watch the Kim Possible episode about Ron’s dad, the actuary.

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I guess while we’re at it, The Big Short, most people here have probably already seen the movie.

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I liked the book better, haha

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No need to know the who’s, how’s, and why’s before reading. Part of that is Alex (and you) discovering all those things.


Now that it’s 25 years later, and an insurance company could conceivably do those things, I wonder now which ones are.

There’s a new book in the works but I just wanted to give you a heads up so you’ll be ready. It’s called, The Bird Watcher, and will be about an actuary.

I do NOT recommend By the Numbers by Jen Lancaster. The main character is an actuary but she’s the worst stereotype. I was so excited to read about an actuary mom and then so disappointed to discover who she was as a character.

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The actuary-based stereotypes seem so cringeworthy. Like “Knowing that 60% of spouses cheat and 50% of marriages end in divorce, she wasn’t too surprised”, or “Well within the average market time in her area”


Yeah I think I took the blurb as just silliness and not what defined the character. I was wrong.

I tried to read some book with a main character that supposedly was an actuary. The book was supposed to be a mystery/romance/suspense and I had low expectations going into it, but it was so terrible I’m not sure I even made it halfway through.

:laughing: and now you see why everyone became so deeply attached to your story. A genuine actuary, romance, even some mystery. And delivered piecemeal over weeks, it was a marketing marvel.


It’s true, it really was a great story.

Howdy all – @Actuarial_Tutor is back with some new offerings (note: I reviewed some of the jokes/pics… and got one of my ideas rejected - boo hoo!)

The Ultimate Actuarial Colo(u)ring Book is currently on offer at an initial cheaper price, so all you cheap actuaries get to it!

btw, he now owns this website too:

Be envious!

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