Actuarial Books

I thought that was someone else’s list. Jerry Tuttle?
Talk about your copy, paste, drag…

And, to doublecheck, Joke #119!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!
Seems like the author has bought it from Jerry Tuttle, who responded to this article in 2018.

Jerry Tuttle did indeed own it until 2014 when he sold it to Ezra-Penland recruiters. It took a while chatting to them but finally, they sold it to me so I could breathe some life into this piece of actuarial internet history whilst still keeping an ad to their services.

So we’re open for jokes again!

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But you did get loads of your other ideas in there (eg name tags at conferences, mugs with actuarial jokes on, etc). So not all bad!

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I bought the coloring book.

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JT sold it to Ezra around the time he retired.


Did he buy it from Ezra Penland? I know the original owner/maker and I also think I recall what it was sold for initially. I wonder how much it has appreciated…

OK, I got ninja’d here.

So if I am reading this correctly, Actuarial Tutor is claiming to be the book author.

I myself had a few jokes that were rejected from that website. But in all honesty, they were mean-spirited jokes originally aimed at protected groups that were recycled into “underwriter” jokes.

been eyeing this one lately:

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I’ve got that one on my wishlist

Okay, the coloring book, yes. And he worked with the illustrator. I was joking about him throwing out my idea - it’s that he had an idea for a page, asked me for what “real” numbers for that was… and I said maybe he should do it a different way… and the whole idea was scrapped.

It’s the whole creative process, maaaaaan.

(taking a long drag on my… glass of red wine)

I acquired this WW2 era book about INA, the oldest insurance company in the US. My copy is over 80 years old:

Take that, Hitler!


Very cool!

Really cool bit about war bonds too

I’ve ordered a used copy of this off Amazon! Hopefully it arrives intact

Awesome and thanks for supporting the fight against fascism!