Action Castle II - A Text Adventure Game

You stand at the edge of the old pond. The clear night sky above is full of stars. You see a rowboat here. A path runs alongside the pond to the north and south. Exits are NORTH.

Save Game
Does the row boat look like it will sink? Seems like a nice day to row out into the starry night if the boat looks sea worthy.

Game Saved!

You see that the boat is in fair condition. It contains a blanket. You decide to climb into the boat, and it seems like it will float.

Look under blanket

You pick up the blanket and see that it is made of fine wool. It looks warm. You now have a blanket. Under the blanket you see the oars needed to row the boat.
You are in a boat on the Old Pond. Exits are OUT.

Row around the pond looking for anything interesting in the water or on the banks.

You row around the pond, keeping your eyes open for anything out of the ordinary. On the south side of the pond you notice a small cave. It seems like the boat might fit.
You are on the Old Pond in a row boat. Exits are OUT (of the boat), NORTH (where you came from), SOUTH (towards the Cave).

Ooh, I really want to go in the cave but think I probably need a light before going there. anyway I’ve done enough moves in arow, I’ll let somebody else take ove for a bit a jump back in later,

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Go South

Game Saved!

You row your boat south to get a better view of this cave. You can see a flickering light from what appears to be a campfire coming from inside of the cave. There is a small beach at the cave entrance.
You are on the beach outside of a cave. Exits are SOUTH (into cave), NORTH (onto lake).


You enter the dimly lit cave. An old man sits by a fire here. He is lost in thought and doesn’t seem to notice you. Exits are NORTH.

Hey old man, nice fire. Whacha doin’ in this cave?

You try saying something to the old man, but he just starts mumbling to himself. You think you hear something about a prophecy, and then he goes quiet and continues to stare into the fire.
You are standing in a cave with a crazy old hermit. Exits are NORTH.

Offer the old man the blanket in exchange for information on the prophecy

The old man looks at you, but doesn’t seem interested in your blanket. He looks back to the fire.
You are standing in a cave with a crazy old hermit. Exits are NORTH.


Hermit is probably import for something. But we probably don’t have the right item or haven’t met the right condition for him to be important yet.

You head north into the row boat and out into the lake. Exits are NORTH, SOUTH

As a reminder, if you’ve been to a place before, I’m fine with you just going straight to that place.

Return to the Roses sign
save game
North this time
(I think the pond was south)