Action Castle II - A Text Adventure Game

\color{dodgerblue}\Huge\text{Welcome (back) to Action Castle!}

The Rules

This game is based on the old text adventure games. In this case, a moderator takes the place of the parser.

All moves/commands must be bolded. Unbolded text will be ignored at the parser’s discretion.

There are no turns, and no official player list. When you have a move you want to try, jump in and try it. If you feel like you’re hogging all of the fun, then step back and let other people make some moves!

Some sample commands are

Go east
Hit fish with axe
Examine book

Silly commands such as Slay all before me can be used, and are in fact encouraged. Note that these will often result in death. Save early and often!

Prior Games:


Latest Save:

You are the son of a poor cobbler living near Action Castle. You have lived your entire life under the oppression of a very evil king and queen. There are tales of peace prior to the current regime. Times when King Action ruled the land. There are strange stories of how the current king was chosen by the ghost of King Action, but that doesn’t seem right. Surely King Action would have chosen a good person to hold the throne. Regardless, your father doesn’t have enough to feed you anymore, so it is time for you to make your way in the world.

Well Dad ain’t go no food for me so. Check around the cobble shop for something to help me make my way in the world. IDK maybe like a tik-tok starter kit as a side hustle or something.

You are in your father’s workshop. A pair of velvet slippers is here. A door leads outside. Exits are OUT

Grab those sweet slippers they could come in handy later.
Take the door out.

You pick up the pair of slippers, deciding that’s the least your father owes you after all those years of unpaid servitude. You now have 1 pair of velvet slippers.
You step outside into the town square. You see a wishing well here with paths leading in four different directions. Exits are NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, WEST

Carefully search the wishing well.

Do i have any coins? Do i see anything on the ground?

Well, well. A well! It’s made of stone, and it’s made rather well.

You pat your pockets and find a penny. You’re rich!
You are standing in the town square. There is a well here. Exits are NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, WEST

Throw penny in well and wish for better game-runner
j/k BF :wink:


As you mentally insult the god that is deciding your fate, you drop the penny into the well and hear a faint plink as it hits the bottom. There goes your last cent. Now what?

North of you is your father’s cobbler shop. You aren’t ready to go back there yet!
You are standing in the town square. Exits are NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, WEST


I sit here thinking, “Boy I wish I had a penny to buy some ice cream” oh well. HEAD EAST (very underrated 70s band)

You’re walking down Old Pond Road, a wide cobblestone road that used to be lined with rosebushes. There is a sign here. Old Pond Road runs north to south. The town is to the west. Exits are NORTH, SOUTH, WEST.

Read the sign assuming this dumb cobbler’s son can read that much

Not remembering if you know how to read, you decide to take a look at the sign on the side of the road. You look at the weather-beaten sign and read the words “Please don’t pick the roses.” This is somewhat funny because there are no roses anywhere in sight.
You are on the Old Pond Road. Exits are NORTH, SOUTH, WEST.

SOUTH sounds nice