"A/C equipment" connected with my WiFi

I got this notice yesterday:
“GD Midea Air-Conditioning Equipment has joined your network.”

Should I be concerned?

Accept your new overlords :robot:

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Is that your actual AC, or is that an AC installation company?


Then what is it? I figured it may be a wi-fi enabled until trying to get online to either send you or the company info.

That is a good question. I should create a thread to get the answer…

Might be some neighbor’s new A/C, or that their wi-fi went down so it tried to connect to mine. But, I have a password. And the “guest” wi-fi is off. So, either a hack or someone who knows the password put their A/C on my wifi. It’s not on it now.

Maybe it’s that Amazon sidewalk thing?

Hmm, maybe. I do not authorize that, though. Honestly, can’t people simply roam? Yeah, do not watch streaming while roaming, but don’t latch on to MY wifi just because you’re jonesing for live porn out in front of my house.

I’ll find out who’s in charge of the (whispers) Alexa in the house. No, I do not approve of “her” in the house, either.

:laughing: I think you have to opt out, rather than in of the sidewalk feature which I believe is brand new (I only just opted out late last week after seeing the GoA thread). I think the bandwidth is very restricted so it’d be 90s-level porn watching, but maybe a smart appliance wouldn’t need much bandwidth?


Q: Would I be notified if someone was sidewalking (neoverbification) my wifi?

I’m definitely no amazon sidewalk expert but I don’t think so. Otherwise everyone would opt out :slight_smile:

To be clear I still prefer my initial response’s suggestion

Well, I’d rather stay xenophobic on this.

I read Bezos is going into space sometime in July. Maybe he’s testing the range of the feature.

It will be an interesting experiment to play with DTNF’s thermostat settings this summer



Why opt out of wifi sharing?

If this was community driven, I’d be interested. Driven by a corp, no chance.

A quiet evening at Chateau Non-Fan…

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We bought one of those “laptop for every child” laptops. One of their features was that they all networked with each other. Another was that they had the best damn wifi antennas of any hardware I’ve ever used. My regular laptop, my phone… maybe they see the networks of a couple of neighbors. That laptop could see dozens of nearby networks.