90 day burpee challenge

My gym closes tomorrow, I need something to keep me a bit active with definite target.

Starting Wednesday, for 90 days, one extra burpee a day, e.g. day 1, 1 burpee, day 2, 2 burpees etc.

Carryover and catch up both allowed.

Will keep a log, maybe update this thread weekly.

Challenge will stop once the gym reopens.

When life gives you lemons, do burpees, lemons suck.

Ideas for you and your log

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I was thinking if doing this again too. I might start tomorrow on my 53rd birthday. Maybe I’ll just go up to day 53. Did 100 days a couple of years ago but have gotten pretty flabby in the meantime.

I’m in. Gonna add this to my fitness goals.

This seems like a good thing for me to commit to as well. I’ll make an effort. Feel free to berade me for not posting/participating as a source of motivation. I’m more likely to do it if I think I’m dissappointing someone, even if it’s internet strangers who are only pretending.

:iatp: You should create a list of people to bug for status updates every week or so.

Awesome all, glad to have some company for this!

for about 6 minutes near the end of December I contemplated doing a 365-day challenge for all of 2022. Then I decided that would be ridiculous. And awesome. Still not started on it.

I’ve done several 100-days before, might do this one to keep you company.

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So it’s averaging 45.5 burpees a day for 90 days. oof I just did 11 and better start getting back in shape fast

What kind of burpee? Seems that there are a lot of variations.

Here are three:

Whatever floats your boat. I’ll be doing the basic, but my push up won’t touch the ground, just go down to where I normally would for a push up.

The beauty is the gradual increase in the beginning conditions your body to handle the intensity at the end.

I’ll probably bank a fair amount early but let’s see.

Start from standing erect.
Squat down, put hands on the floor.
Kick legs back in unison to plank position (“up” of push-up).
Depress arms until chest and thighs both touch floor (“down” of push-up)
Press arms until elbows lock out (“up” of push-up)
Jump both legs in unison back to starting location.
Stand erect and jump, raising both arms above your head to a point at least 6 inches above where you could reach if standing flat-footed.

(this is method #1 from the link above, I think).

All of this takes 3-4 seconds per rep once you’re conditioned, about 6-8 seconds if you’re gassed.

hey now, you’re only supposed to do 1, and that’s tomorrow! No working ahead!

I don’t think my “gassed” lines up with your “gassed”.

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Are the 90 on day 90 consecutive? I’ve never done more than 50 consecutively, though definitely done more than 90 in an hour.

I’m in!

My version won’t require burpees to be consecutive, but if you want to challenge yourself by all means go for it!

Even when I’ve been in my greatest shape, I’ve never done more than about 20 consecutively. Generally break them up into sets of 10-15. If you do 15 in a minute, then rest a minute, you can do 100 in under 15 minutes.

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I expected this to be about the seed company. Moving on…



…4094 to go