20Q Game 30

I’m on board with trophy. Many are likely to be smaller than a breadbox, but some are rather large.

And how does one “utilize” a trophy? (Q #6)

Not located on or near the ground (or floor for that matter).

Most of us likely don’t have one (albeit, I’m sure that many have received one, but have since thrown it away).

And a trophy without any writing? Unpossible.

We recently got “The Office” version of “Clue” and one of the possible murder weapons is a Dundie award.

Okay, is it a trophy?

  1. (VA) Is it a physical object? Yes
  2. (Tiffany) Does it breathe oxygen? No
  3. (Celalta) Is it man-made? Yes
  4. (JFG) Is its primary use for recreation purposes? No
  5. (1695814) Is it larger than a bread box? This object comes in many sizes. The most common are not larger than a bread box. Some are larger than a breadbox.
  6. (JFG) Is it typically utilized indoors? Yes
  7. (VA) Is it typically used on or near the ground? No
  8. (1698514) Does it use electricity? No
  9. (JFG) Is it typically stationary when in use? I’m defining stationary as even if not secured to a surface, it doesn’t significantly move locations, such as a photo frame or clock. Yes
  10. (JSM) does it float? No
  11. (JFG) Do most first world people have one? No
  12. (Twig) Given the item, would you typically find it in a home? Yes
  13. (1695814) does it have writing on it? Yes
  14. (Tiffany) would this item be commonly found in a specific room in the house? No
  15. (1695814) Do most people use it daily? No
  16. (Tiffany) Is it some kind of book? No
  17. (VA) Does this object serve a specific utilitarian purpose? No
  18. (Lucy) Is it a trophy? YES

Good question. I decided based on reading wikipedia that a trophy is utilized as tangible, durable reminder of a specific achievement. So looking at it to remind you is how you “use it”.

Note that this use works as well, as most murders done by trophies do take place indoors and around head level, not near the floor. And while question 9 about it being stationary would have to be answered differently, the body is at least stationary after use.

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So, this was really your guess. Want to start the next one?

Oops I was just kibitzing! Sorry to all the hard question askers out there!

But sure… Let me think…

To be continued…

This is clearly wrong since I keep hearing that everyone gets a trophy these days. [/red]

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Honestly thought about that, but a few things - participation trophies started later, so lots of boomers wouldn’t have them. And Europe is included in first world countries and they never did that as far as I know

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As a millennial I had over 30 trophies during my life. One for every season of every sport I participated in.

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