2024 Tour de France

This was gonna be the greatest TDF ever…until today that is.

Remco Jonas and Roglic got wiped out in a crash today.

And Wout broke like 7 ribs last week plus other bones


All Tadej has to do to win the double is stay upright

I googled broken collarbones and it takes 6 to 12 weeks for adults to heal. I would say Jonas would be closer to 6 than 12. 13 weeks until the start, so I’ll think he still race. May not have full race fitness though.

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It was real bad. I heard Jay Vine almost died or something and we’re kinda on edge on his status.

Jay Vine has amazing power to weight ratio but came from a virtual racing background (Zwift). He’s had quite a few crashes probably because he doesn’t have the real world racing background of most other riders.

joy sticks or buttons?